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Environmental Technology (Natural Resource Management)

Within all industries, we create waste. This waste can be airborne emissions, solids wastes from manufacturing or treatment or soils discharge. Water itself is a huge waste management effort. The term “Environmental Technology” encompasses a wide range of studies and an even wider range of professional careers. In today’s industrial science disciplines, every application is affected by environmental studies and compliance management efforts. Today, many technicians are engaged in monitoring and implementing waste management efforts as well as developing systems for better waste management of all our environmental resources. Recycling is the pathway, but without environmental technicians to aid us with direction and resource management planning and control technology, our efforts will be not be optimized.

job description: Today’s Environmental Technician must be versed in a wide range of skills and knowledge and is required to: collect and analyze sample for air, soils, solids waste and water parameters; Interpret analytical results and determine compliance limit criteria; investigate potential contamination and document sources;  develop compliance systems including pre-engineering; Understand impacts of natural resource management systems; establish guidelines for industry and recommendations for compliance; provide an accounting for long term exposure and create systems to minimize risk; work with a wide range of professional industries and communicate compliance efforts while respecting operations; routinely updates compliance studies and protocol as required by the Environmental Protection Agency; works outdoors, sometimes in remote areas to learn and study impacts and develops scientific environmental and health studies; works in a wide range of impact considerations, the public, industry and natural resources; provide detailed and supported documentation of environmental impact studies.


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