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Assessment of Student Learning

The assessment of student learning directly relates to the mission of Red Rocks Community College: To create a passion for learning through our dedication to students, our commitment to excellence and our own love of learning. This mission focuses on the development of learning and learners. We define effective assessment as a means to determine whether students achieve their desired outcomes.

At Red Rocks Community College, the purpose of assessment is to gather data on student outcomes/ achievement and to use that information to improve instructional strategies and student learning. One of the College's assumptions about assessment is that it leads to institutional renewal and improvement. Only through this revitalization will RRCC survive in our competitive and constantly changing environment. Only through a focus on student achievement and the measurement of that achievement can we develop the impassioned learners promised by our mission. To produce these learners, we must discover the learning strategies that work and the ones that do not, customizing them to meet the unique needs of our learners. Routine and constant assessment is the primary means for determining whether we are helping students become lifelong learners, learners whose attitudes and skills lead them to continuous learning on the job and in life tasks.

Instructional leadership is responsible for coordinating the activities associated with the assessment of student learning and providing faculty and staff with the resources they need to more effectively accomplish the College's mission. The instructional leadership team employs the following strategies to facilitate the assessment of student learning:

  • Assisting all discipline and program areas in the collection, analysis, and practical application of their data,
  • Conducting and/or scheduling professional development workshops,
  • Examining the effectiveness of past practices and procedures,
  • Exploring and communicating more effective assessment strategies and ways to apply assessment findings,
  • Developing strategies for enhancing administrative and faculty ownership of assessment,
  • Developing strategies for accelerating the development of a "culture of assessment," and
  • Presenting the findings to college, community, and professional stakeholders.

Assessment Archive Coming Soon

To better organize and archive the assessment projects conducted within the institution, Red Rocks Community College is evaluating a data management system and plans to implement the system Fall 2010.

Our Commitment to Academic Excellence

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