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2011 Quality Checkup

Under AQIP, the Accreditation Cycle includes a Quality Checkup Visit in the year before Reaffirmation of Accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission.  A Quality Checkup is a formative evaluation activity designed to help the institution accelerate its continuous improvement journey. Two trained and experienced AQIP Reviewers conduct the Quality Checkup Visit. Each Visit contains a full agenda of sessions in which team members meet with groups from the institution on topics identified in advance by the review team and the institution. In general, the first day of the Checkup Visit concentrates on analysis and documentation of factual matters while the succeeding days focus on dialogue with key college stakeholders including students, staff, faculty, and community members.

Quality Checkup Visit

The objectives of the Checkup Visit are:

  • To verify that the institution has met the expectations of the Commission's Federal Compliance Program
  • To affirm the accuracy of the institution's Systems Portfolio
  • To examine the actions the institution has taken to capitalize on the strategic issues and opportunities for improvement identified by the last Systems Appraisal
  • To assess the strength and direction of RRCC's commitment to systematic quality improvement

Red Rocks Community College will prepare the following documents as part of the Checkup Visit:

  • Quality Program Summary: (pdf) A brief narrative describing the current state of the institution's quality program: how it is organized, what the institution has done over the past years (e.g., created or updated its Systems Portfolio, processed and used the feedback from the Systems Appraisal, launched and completed Action Projects, and so on).

Quality Checkup Report