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WELCOME BACK after winter break.  It was an eventful and busy Fall semester and Spring is promising to be the same.  We have put together a schedule for our meetings from January to May and think that there are many relevant topics that will be addressed in our monthly meetings.  In addition, we will be offering 2 combined meetings with Classified and Faculty to discuss important issues that may come up during the Spring semester.

All meetings will be held on Thursdays from 3:00 to 4:30 pm in the Red Fox Room unless otherwise announced.

May 23: Summing up the year with our President and Vice Presidents.  An emphasis on the work done by the Collaboration Council and Leadership Team as well as any other important topics will be included in our final meeting for the year.

We are looking forward to serving you this semester,

Maryann Touitou                             Jeff Holstein
Chair                                                   Chair-Elect

Treats will be both healthy and decadent with variety for all!

Annual Leave Direct Transfer Program


To establish a means to voluntarily transfer annual leave to a qualifying administrative/professional/technical employee experiencing a catastrophic medical hardship, such as cancer, major surgery, serious accident, heart attack, etc., either personally or by an immediate family member that requires inpatient, hospice or resident health care. This program provides some income protection when the employee would be absent from work for a prolonged period of time.

Application for Leave

The Application for Use of Transferred Leave form (docx) must be completed by the requesting administrative/professional/technical employee and submitted to the Human Resources Office for verification. Application may be made for personal or immediate family member need. For purposes of the leave transfer program for family members, preference will be given to a child, parent or spouse requiring the employee’s direct care. Human Resources will complete their section and forward to the college president for final approval.
In order to use donated leave, the employee must first exhaust all sick leave (as permitted under BP3-60) and must not be receiving salary replacement benefits from worker’s compensation, short-term disability or long-term disability. It is not intended to cover cases of abusive leave usage. Approval or disapproval will be based on the merits of each individual case and the following guidelines:

  • Application can be made for either personal use or for the care of an immediate family member
  • Applicants must have one year of service before applying for use of transferred leave
  • Applicants must have exhausted all annual and sick (as permitted under BP3-60) leave
  • Requests must be made for reasons of catastrophic illness or injury. Normal pregnancy, common illness, coverage by Worker’s Compensation or PERA disability are excluded
  • Application does not constitute automatic approval of the request
  • If approved, the granted leave is meant to cover only the duration of the illness/injury for which it was collected
  • All or a portion of the time requested may be granted
  • The decision to approve or deny the application is final and not subject to grievance or appeal
  • In cases where the situation ceases to exist or the employee terminates or retires, any unused portion of the collected leave will be refunded to the catastrophic leave bank
  • Awarded time may be applied retroactively to the beginning of the leave-without-pay period for the illness/injury for which it was granted
  • Board policies and procedures which apply to paid leave apply to use of awarded time
  • Catastrophic leave application must be made in one month’s advance when need is foreseeable. When such notice is not possible, employee should give as much notice as possible
  • Employees are expected to closely monitor and work with Human Resources to track annual leave, sick leave and disability hours
  • Leave share is not an entitlement even if individual case is qualified. Donated leave is not part of pay-out upon termination or death but will be returned to the catastrophic leave bank
  • Catastrophic leave is not to exceed 4 weeks in a fiscal year

Statement of Purpose

The Red Rocks Community College Administrative / Professional Technical Council's purpose is to provide collaborative leadership in support of the College's mission. The Council accomplishes this by supporting its constituency in the following ways:

  • Providing a venue for open, informative communication.
  • Networking within the RRCC campus community.
  • Offering personal and professional development opportunities.

Upcoming Meeting Dates:

May 23