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Total Withdrawal from All Classes at RRCC

Red Rocks Community College is committed to helping students reach their academic goals. We realize, however, that life's problems can deflect those goals, and students sometimes feel the need to totally withdraw from all of their classes. Before you make that final decision, we want you to be aware that there are options that can possibly help you successfully finish out your current semester and ultimately reach your academic objective.

Have you considered your options and how this may affect your academic career at RRCC?

RRCC has many free or low-cost support services available to you. Among these are:

  • Tutoring 
  • Payment Plan
  • Math Lab 
  • Disability Services
  • Study Strategies
  • Time Management
  • Stress Management
  • Veteran’s Services
  • Student Health Clinic
  • Behavioral Health Counseling   

Students withdrawing from all courses for which they are registered are considered to be ‘withdrawn’ from the college for that semester. Your student records remain active for three consecutive semesters, after which your status is considered ‘inactive’.  After considering all of your options, the following outlines the procedure for withdrawing from all of your courses within a semester:

  • The information below shares valuable information that explains your options fully.  Please read and electronically sign each section acknowledging that you have read the advisement.   
  • After you have read and signed each section, click on the submit box to submit the form electronically to the Admissions Office.
  • Upon receipt of the fully-signed form, the Admissions Office staff will finalize the total withdrawal process for you.

We encourage you to contact any of the following offices, in person or via phone, to further discuss your options and how those options will affect your academic career at RRCC.

Admissions: 303.914.6348

Advising:  303.914.6255

Financial Aid:  303.914.6256

Veterans: 303.914.6352

Cashier’s: 303.914.6222    

If you are a student with a disability and are having problems completing this form, contact the Office of Disability Services at (303) 914-6733.  International students MUST contact International Student Services to discuss total withdrawal.

Total Withdrawal Forms

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