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Student Email Accounts

Existing Users

If you already have your student email, click here THE ROCKto login.

All RRCC students have an official RRCC e-mail address is ready for use:

  • To stay in touch with fellow students, professors, the financial
    aid office, and the rest of campus.
  • All official campus e-mails will be sent to this address.
  • Ad-free e-mail based on Hotmail interface and powered by
    Microsoft® Live@edu so it's easy to use.
  • Includes e-mail, Instant Messenger, Calendar, and Microsoft Spaces.
  • Activation is quick.
  • The Student Email FAQ (pdf) has extensive help for accessing and troubleshooting your new E-mail account.

Set Up Your Email Account

To activate your campus e-mail, log into  THE ROCK (RRCC portal)

Upon logging into The Rock, you will find a link to activate your email account on the Welcome page in the Help menu. After it has been activated, you can access your campus e-mail through The Rock by using the Student Email icon on the top right nav bar of the portal.

If you have any trouble activating, accessing, or using your account contact our new 24x7 support line at 1.888.800.9198


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Contact Info

Waitlisting is now available for all 15-week courses starting Fall 2013!
Details here (pdf).