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Registration & Withdrawal from RRCC Courses

Adding a Class after Classes Start

If you drop a regular course during the refund period, you do not have to pay for the course. The dropped course will not appear on your permanent record. You may drop short courses, mini-courses, or special-length courses without penalty before 15 percent of the course duration has passed.
You may add and drop courses in one of three ways:

Visit any campus registration station. To add or drop a class in person, you must submit a signed schedule adjustment form.

Log on to (click on the ROCK Portal icon and login).

For add and drop deadlines for special-length courses, check your class schedule online.
For a statement about PCC’s refund policy, see the Tuition and Fees section of the catalog.

Total Withdrawing from all of your Classes

Please click here for specific information on this process.

Military Withdrawal

If you are called to active military duty, or if your academic work is interrupted by other military obligations, we will make every effort to accommodate you. When you present valid military orders to the Admission & Records Office, you may choose one of the following options:

Challenge a course by taking the final examination any time after midterm.

Receive an incomplete grade for the term, and a tuition waiver upon return, provided that you received an honorable discharge, enroll in the same course of study, and register for the same number of credit hours as before the interruption.

Receive a refund of tuition and fees (if you select this option, you must contact the Financial Aid Office prior to departure).

Course Cancellation for Low Enrollment

RRCC may cancel or alter programs or course offerings when enrollments are too low. In such cases, we will make every effort to notify you as soon as possible to offer course alternatives.

Course Load
Normal course load is defined as follows:

Full length semester: 12-18 credits

Five-week term: 7 credits

You must get written permission from your dean to register for an overload (more than 18 credits). To be eligible to take an overload, you must have a 3.000 cumulative grade point average. You may take a onecredit course in physical activity without affecting your course load.
Course Prerequisites and Corequisites (also known as Concurrent Prerequisites)
PCC has two kinds of enforceable entry requirements for particular courses:

Prerequisites – You must satisfy prerequisites, or their equivalent, before registering for a course.

Corequisites – You must enroll in a corequisite course at the same time you register in the other course. In most cases, you can register for the other course if you have already success fully completed the corequisite.

Course Numbering
Courses are numbered to indicate level of instruction. Freshman level courses are designated in the 100 sequence, and sophomore level courses are designated in the 200 sequence. Courses numbered less than 100 are considered remedial and do not apply to certificate and degree requirements.


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