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About Us

ArtSmart is a collaborative effort by staff, faculty and students to discover the arts in everything. The challenge to discover the arts in every department and division of RRCC was given, along with a generous donation, by Terry Stevinson, the father of an RRCC Alumni. The first to accept the challenge was RRCC President, Michele Haney, who matched the contribution, creating a grant.

The ArtSmart program is completely student-driven, with the guidance of staff and faculty. We are very excited to be entrusted with this challenge and have accepted it willingly.

Through promotion of arts events both current and future we are seeking to not just discover the arts in everything but to identify why the arts are important. Over the course of the school year, The ArtSmart Group will be accomplishing this through a variety of interdisciplinary projects, activities, media and information aimed at exposing the arts we find and create in our community.

Committee Structure

The ArtSmart Planning Group consists of staff, faculty, and students. Terry Stevinson is the leading founder of this committee through his donation to the College. The grants are administered through the Red Rocks Foundation.

Faculty Coordinator

Pamela Jamruszka Mencher

Staff Members

Stephanie Berg
Jill Borrego
Julie Dike
Anne Emmons
Scott Farmer
Ellen Hajek
Kristen Laughlin
Aimee Marcelo
Patric Mueller
Kim Rein
Janessa Stevinson
Rebecca Woulfe

Student Members

Jamie Mann
Jacqi Margotte
Sorcha Moldauer
Kevin Peterson
Mary Schaefer Brink


The ArtSmart Planning Group is a collaborative effort by staff, faculty and students to discover the arts in everything.

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