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Zula Zine

Zine Submissions

Contacts: Mary or Kevin

ArtSmart is starting an arts zine named, “Zula” which will display current RRCC student works. This is to be a monthly paper booklet of student work, events and activities.  It is an opportunity for students to be recognized beyond the classroom.  Zula will be distributed free on campus for our students and staff.

It will allow students to showcase their work within the arts.  For example any class project that is arts-related, plays, theater and dance classes, poems, creative writing, painting or drawing, pottery, fiber arts, photography, sculpture and/or however you display the arts at RRCC.
If you would like to submit a piece to be displayed in the zine:

  • Submit a black and white photo/file of your photography, artwork, or event at RRCC (theater, class in which you have integrated the arts, etc.). Email the photo file to Mary or Kevin.
  • If you are submitting poetry, a short story or any type of written submission please email or print a copy that is edited. Email submission to Mary or Kevin.
  • Sign and fill out an RRCC waiver: this can be handed to or scanned and emailed to Mary or Kevin.
  • With submission please attach your name, class that work was created in, title and a short blurb about your work or event (such as a review).

If you have any question or events embodying the arts please feel free to or


Click here to download a waiver to allow us to print your material in Zula.


The ArtSmart Planning Group is a collaborative effort by staff, faculty and students to discover the arts in everything.

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