CCPT Testing

New Assessment Test Starting February 29, 2016

The Accuplacer® assessment will be replaced with the new Community College Placement Test (CCPT) to determine placement into most courses. Exceptions are ESL courses. 

If you have already taken the Accuplacer, don't worry. Your scores are good for course placement. However, we no longer give the Accuplacer exam for placement into most courses.

If you’re a new student, the state of Colorado requires you take a Community College Placement Test (CCPT) before you can enroll in classes (unless you qualify for an exemption). This assessment will help us place you in the right courses when you start at Red Rocks Community College.

Community College Placement Test (CCPT)

Test Information

The placement test (CCPT) is an untimed multiple choice test (except for the essay) and takes about 3 hours to complete. We strongly recommend taking the Math and English portions on separate days. The test includes:

  • English:
    • Reading (multiple choice)
    • Writing (essay)
  • Mathematics
    • Basic Algebra
    • One of the following, depending on score:
      • Linear Arithmetic
      • Pre-Algebra
      • Intermediate Algebra

Trigonometry/Calculus is a separate test and is available to students with a score of 60 or better on the Intermediate Algebra

It is strongly recommended to prepare for the test so you can do your best. Red Rocks Community College (RRCC) students may take the CCPT assessment for the first time at any point throughout the academic calendar year, during normal business hours of the Assessment Center. Students should, however, be aware of registration start and end dates for the given semester; completing the test does not guarantee registration for the semester in which it is taken. Students are encouraged to take the test during the semester before they intend to register for classes in order to allow adequate time for retesting and registration processes. This retest policy is for RRCC students only; students enrolled in other system community colleges must comply with testing policies for the respective schools.

First Retest

Students may take the CCPT assessment, for a second time, no sooner than one calendar week after their first attempt. However, the following stipulations apply:

  1. Math: If a student scores 61 or lower on the linear algebra diagnostic test on their first attempt, he or she must meet and obtain a signature from a Navigator before taking the test for a second time. The same rule of one calendar week applies.
  2. English: If a student scores less than 50 in Reading and 1 or less on the essay portion on their first attempt, he or she must meet and obtain a signature from a Navigator before taking the test for a second time. The same rule of one calendar week applies.

Additional Retest

Students wishing to take the assessment test for a third time must also obtain a signature from the College Prep Zone Coordinator/Navigator before taking the test for a third time to prove that your proficiency and knowledge has improved following their first and second attempts, these students may only take the CCPT assessment during the following designated periods for registration eligibility:

  • For Spring 2017: January 4 - 16

 Online Study Guides & Resources

Check out General CCPT Study Guides at:

Study Guides

Resources for Specific Test Areas


These YouTube videos will assist you.


Reading & Sentence Skills

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