honorees 2014


Anajely Aguilar Wheat Ridge 5-8
Nicole Ahrens Drake Middle School
Romaine Akakpo Standley Lake High School
Jocelin Alonso Jefferson High School
Elizabeth Alvidrez Jefferson High School
Holly Anderson Wheat Ridge 5-8
Sayra Arana Jefferson High School
Diana Aranda Arvada High School
Jacob Back Standley Lake High School
McKinnley Bartels Everitt Middle School
Disa Battaglia Jefferson High School
Carly Bauer Ralston Valley High School
Jillian Blue-Norton Moore Middle School
Kaylee Boren Standley Lake High School
Brittany Chicoine Wheat Ridge High School
Xavier Corral Jefferson High School
Jesus Cortez Everitt Middle School
Gavin Dawson Drake Middle School
Jacqueline Delgado Jefferson High School
Kriti Dhungel Standley Lake High School
Johnnie Dina Standley Lake High School
Emma Eaker Standley Lake High School
Cozbi Escobar Jefferson High School
Manuel Flores Jefferson High School
Samantha Flores Jefferson High School
Zachary Foulke Moore Middle School
Tia Frank HOPE House


Zech Frye Mandalay Middle School
Jade Gomez-Chavarria Everitt Middle School
William Graser Moore Middle School
Alexsander Hay Standley Lake High School
Dania Hernandez Jefferson High School
Edgar Hernandez Jefferson High School
Yamile Hernandez Wheat Ridge 5-8
Sabrina Hill Everitt Middle School
Brady Hogoboom Drake Middle School
Mac Hopper Mandalay Middle School
Kassidy Lindley Moore Middle School
Erika Lopez Standley Lake High School
Karla Lopez Wheat Ridge 5-8
Angel Luthman Oberon Middle School
Nayeli Mantilla Jefferson High School
Wilson Grimes Oberon Middle School
Jami Marquez Wheat Ridge 5-8
Sergio Martinez Wheat Ridge 5-8
Makenzie Matthews Pomona High School
Stephanie McDaniel Standley Lake High School
Liliana Meraz Jefferson High School
Katia Meraz Jefferson High School
Sona Metz Pomona High School
JoAnna Mosman Jefferson High School
Roseline Mugaruka Standley Lake High School
Taylor Nation Arvada West High School
Jeremy Nelson Drake Middle School
Bianca Nunez-Martinez Standley Lake High School
Cassidy Osborne Moore Middle School
Nicole Pappadakis Moore Middle Schoolvv
Kohlton Pribble Oberon Middle School
Timmy Ritter Drake Middle School
Lucero Rivera Jefferson High School
Kristina Russo Oberon Middle School
Dominic Sanchez Arvada West High School
Sierra Sanchez Wheat Ridge 5-8
Loyie Schmitter Jefferson High School
Soledad Sierra Arvada High School
Helina Thoma Mandalay Middle School
Dakota Turner Arvada High School
Haylee Vannoy Drake Middle School
Julie Villegas Standley Lake High School
Bruklin Womack Wheat Ridge High School
Daniel Zhurba Arvada West High School


"Overcoming these adversities has changed my attitude from having a horrible attitude towards everyone and everything to looking at every day as my second chance to do things right. 

It has changed everything about me.  I believe that this scholarship could really help me continue with my education and help me meet the personal goals I have set for myself."

-Jessica Higgins,
Senior at Arvada High School

Past honorees
AWRSAY Recipients 2014