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Diagnostic Medical Sonography Information and Forms

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Sonography Programs

Sonography is one of the dynamic, fast-paced, rapidly advancing fields within Medical Imaging.
The number of ultrasonographic procedures continues to increase. Technology is advancing
rapidly and growth is expected to continue well into the future.

The highly skilled professionals that perform ultrasound examinations in a clinical facility are
known as sonographer, ultrasonographer, or ultrasound technologist. There are various specialties
within the field that include the abdomen, obstetrics and gynecology, vascular, neurosonography,
and echocardiography to name a few. This professional is a key member of the health care
team that provides individualized care to a variety of patients utilizing highly technical instrumentation
to create and interpret images of the internal organs, tissues, and blood flow.

This career requires people who are highly skilled in performing psychomotor tasks to direct the sound beam to internal structures. Mastery of the fine motor movements is very similar to learning to play an instrument. Our students receive an education in the didactic requirements of the field by highly qualified instructors.

The didactic courses are supplemented with hands-on lab instruction and practice in our lab facilities
at the Arvada campus. The lab is where the psychomotor skills are refined and the clinical setting is where mastery begins. During the clinical courses, students are placed in some of the best clinical environments in the area under the supervision of qualified staff.

The program prepares students for entry-level positions in the field with specialization in Diagnostic Medical Sonography and Echocardiography. All students will receive additional training in Vascular Technology.  Students will be eligible, on program completion, to take the widely recognized ARDMS certifying examination, the CCI certifying examination, or the ARRT certifying examination.

Students have the opportunity to choose between the Associate of Applied Science degree (AS) or the Certificate of Completion when they apply for graduation.  To earn an AS students must meet the required additional general education courses that are listed in the College Catalog.

Red Rocks Community College currently can accept up to 20 students each year. Admission into the program is extremely competitive and clinical site dependent. Please visit our website for more information about the Admissions Criteria and Application Process.

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The Application Period

The application period for the August class is May 1 to 31st of the same year. Applications may only be submitted during this time. Applications received at any other time will not be considered. Applications and all supporting documents must be received by May 31st to be considered.

Applicants Please Note

It is necessary for applicants to first apply to Red Rocks Community College using the online application. RRCC must also have official copies of your transcripts.  Additional transcripts may be required to be submitted with your program application.

A new class in the Sonography Program begins each fall. Persons interested in admissions to the program
must complete several steps prior to submitting an application. Applications are accepted each May, for classes beginning in August that year. There are three areas of study to choose from: Diagnostic Medical Sonography and Diagnostic Cardiac Sonography. All Red Rocks Sonography students will receive additional training in Vascular Technology.  The program is 5 semesters (21 months) in length. Students attend full-time and must complete the course work in sequence.

  • Determine if you are eligible to apply for the program. Eligibility is limited to anyone who holds either:
    • A 2 year degree/certificate in a patient care related field such as Radiography, Nursing, Respiratory
      Therapy, or Physical Therapy;
    • A Bachelor’s Degree in any field.
      Note: Qualifying degree or certificate must be from an accredited (regionally or programmatically)
      institution in the United States or Canada as both countries share accrediting entities.
  • Apply to Red Rocks Community College and provide any transferring, official*, transcripts to the Student Records department. You may apply to the school at any time, and you must complete the college’s application prior to applying to the Sonography Program. This is not the same as applying to the Sonography Program.
  • Take the prerequisite courses, RTE 255 – Multi-planar Sectional Anatomy, DMS 101 – Introduction to Sonography. Medical Terminology (HPR 178), Human Anatomy & Physiology I and II (BIO 201, BIO 202). Additionally you must have one of the following math courses: College Algebra (MAT 121), College Trigonometry (MAT 122), or Calculus I (MAT 201). You must meet any prerequisites that may be required to enroll in the above courses. Check the College Catalog or meet with an advisor.
  • If English is not an applicant’s first spoken language, the TOFEL examination must also be taken. A
    minimum score of 71 (IBT) is required for admission.
  • You should seek opportunities for job shadowing at local healthcare facilities. Points are earned for every 4 hours of shadowing performed. Job shadowing is not required. Job shadowing forms can be found at the program website.
  • Submit all required materials to the Medical Imaging Department at RRCC between May 1st and May 31st.
  • Applications will be evaluated and scored.  Points are awarded for qualifying degree/certificate, GPA in prerequisite courses, prior healthcare work experience, job shadowing, and writing skills.  These scores are totaled and the top individuals are invited for an interview. Following the interviews, individuals are selected for admission to the sonography program in the fall. The number of students selected varies by clinical site availability.
  • Interviews will be held during the last week of June.
  • Those selected for the program will receive a new student packet in July. Orientation for applicants selected for the DMS program will be held the week prior to the first week fall semester instruction.
  • For additional information feel free to contact the Medical Imaging Education Department at 303.914.6033

*official transcripts are transcripts that the student orders from the institution to be sent directly to our institution. Official transcripts are also transcripts given to you by the institution in a sealed envelope with the registrar’s seal or signature across the envelope seal and not opened by the student.