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using sonography equipment

Program Mission

The Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program of Red Rocks Community College, as part of the Medical Imaging Education department, is committed to excellence in education demonstrated by providing a comprehensive entry-level education program to students with quality didactic and clinical instruction. The program supports the vision, values and mission of Red Rocks Community College by striving to be the premier imaging resource for our community.

I. Students will graduate, and pass certification exam, possessing entry-level diagnostic medical sonography skills that will benefit the community's needs.

Expected Outcomes:

  • 85% of students that begin the program annually will graduate from the program
  • 80% of the graduates of the program will have attained gainful employment within 90 days of graduation
  • 80% of employers that respond to the employer surveys will rate the performance of graduates of this program as good or outstanding with regard to knowledge and applications
  • 80% of students will pass the certification exam on the first attempt

II. The program will provide students with didactic and clinical skills that include the ability to perform age appropriate patient care by assessment of physiological and psychological status incorporating communication skills, critical thinking skills, problem solving skills, and decision making abilities.

Expected Outcomes:

  • Students will pass all competency exams throughout the program with a grade average of at least 75%
  • Students will demonstrate appropriate skill levels in critical thinking, communication skills, problem-solving skills, and decision-making ability
  • 80% of graduates that respond to the alumni surveys will rate their clinical abilities, critical thinking abilities and decision-making/problem-solving abilities as good or better than graduates form other programs
  • 80% of employers that respond to employer surveys will rate the program graduates as good or better than graduates of other programs in the areas of clinical ability, communication skills, critical thinking ability, and decision-making/problem-solving ability

III. The program, through its instructors, will instill in students the desire to develop professional attitudes, behaviors, and ethics that will encourage life-long learning and professional growth and development.

Expected Outcomes:

  • 80% of graduates that respond to alumni surveys will rate themselves as above average as compared to graduates of other programs in the areas of life-long learning and professional growth and development
  • 75% of students will be active members of one or more professional organizations 1 year after graduation.