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Getting Started

How do I get started in an ECE course of study with Red Rocks?

Background Check

All newly enrolling students in the ECE program AND registering to take any 100 level ECE course MUST complete the background check with American DataBank at the student’s expense. 

Click here to visit American DataBank and apply for a background check.

Need help? View or download the American DataBank AMS Student Guidepdf

Background checks are valid and accepted for 3 years from the date of clearance if the student is continuously enrolled at RRCC in a CCCS approved program. The Department Chair or Dean has the discretion to request additional background checks at anytime and the student will be responsible for the associated costs. The requested background check must be completed on line within two weeks of the start of the semester in which they have enrolled.  Students must have their background check with American DataBank completed prior to participating in specific course assignments. Additional background checks may be required by clinical sites. Students must adhere to all additional requests and are responsible for any and all additional expenses. Refusal to adhere to the additional background request(s) will result in dismissal from the Early Childhood program.

In the event that a student’s background check is returned with issues that prevent a person from working with children or being eligible for employment with an educational facility including centers, preschool, and family child care programs, the department chair will work with the student to find another course to take that semester or research a different career path. 

Disqualifying Events for Childcarepdf