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Engineering Graphics Program: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

1. If I have no experience with AutoCAD, where should I start?

Take CAD 101 & CAD 102, both are offered during the same semester. This will also allow you to complete the Intro to AutoCAD certificate requirements.

2. What software do you use to teach CAD 101 & CAD 102 and what is the version?

We teach AutoCAD. Every fall semester we move to the most current release in the market. During summer we stay with the year. For example, if we are in 2010, we will teach AutoCAD 2011 in the fall semester.

3. I am interested in Revit, may I start with CAD 224 Revit Basic or do I need another class?

If you have knowledge with file management and know the terminology for construction you may register for CAD 224, Revit Basic.

4. May I register for CAD 227 Revit Advanced if I have experience with Revit Architecture?

Only the instructor in charge of teaching the course may grant permission for you to do so. After completing CAD 224 Revit Basic and CAD 227 Revit advanced you will have completed the requirements for a certificate in Revit.

5. If I want to learn 3D which class should I take? Do I need a prerequisite?

Take CAD 202 and CAD 262. Whether you are choosing architectural, mechanical or a path in civil drafting you should have previous knowledge of the software before registering for this class. If you have experience in the field, you may request an appointment with a faculty advisor.

6. I have taken classes at RRCC before but I was not able to complete my degree. May I continue with the course work and receive an AAS degree in Engineering Graphics?

The software changes every year, if you have not taken classes in two consecutive semesters you need to make an appointment with a faculty advisor to do a have a conversation and find out where you are in the program. The advisor will tell you where you are at and what classes you need to take next.

7. I am undecided in between architectural and mechanical path, when do I need to decide which path to take?

After taking CAD 102 you need to decide on you discipline path in order to register for the next class.

8. I started with 2011-2012 catalog but the requirements changed in the 2012-2013 catalog, should I go back and start with my degree path?

If you do not interrupt taking classes in two consecutive semesters you will follow the catalog where you started. If classes changed and are not available anymore take the classes in the most current catalog or have an appointment with a faculty advisor for more information.

9. I took some AutoCAD courses years ago at another institution and I would like to complete a degree. Should I transfer those courses and continue at RRCC?

The first step is to transfer all the credits you received at another institution. Then, you will need to make an appointment with a faculty advisor.

10. How can I apply for a Certificate or Degree?

Go to and click on A-Z Index. Then click on "G" and select Graduation Application for fill out the form. Once you finish, submit the form.

11. What Certificates do you offer?

See degrees and certificates page.

12. When should I make an appointment with an Engineering Graphics faculty advisory?

If you transferred classes from another institution. Make sure you have a transcript with you before the meeting. If you took classes at RRCC or at another institution some time ago and are planning to come back make the appointment as soon as you know you would like to complete the course work.