Emergency Medical Services (EMT-Basic)

Emergency Medical Technician Duties

EMT-Basic usually work in teams of two or more. Following directions from a dispatcher, they drive ambulances to the scenes of emergencies. Typically the first emergency workers to arrive, they assess the nature and extent of the injuries or illness, provide the appropriate emergency care, and determine transportation needs. EMT-Basic manage airway, breathing problems, control bleeding, treat shock and a myriad of other procedures in an attempt to stabilize the patient both on the scene and during transport to a medical facility.

Job Prospects and Income

With the rapid growth in the Denver area comes the need for expanded emergency services. Fire departments are hiring throughout the Denver metro area. EMT-Basic is a prerequisite for application in most departments. Private ambulance companies are also expanding. EMT-Basics with a strong knowledge base and proficient skills are needed in this area of EMS. Emergency departments also hire EMT-Basics as emergency room technicians.

Fire department salaries average around $40,000 per year. Private ambulance companies usually start EMT-Basics at about $9.00 per hour. Emergency department technicians are usually paid around $12.00 per hour. Many fire departments are currently looking for those trained beyond the EMT-Basic level and at the EMT-Paramedic level. Paramedic firefighters make approximately $55,000 per year. Paramedics working for private ambulance companies are paid around $15.00 per hour.

Information Sessions

To learn more about RRCC's Emergency Medical Service program, attend one of our Information and Enrollment Sessions. These sessions are highly recommended!
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Courses and Offerings

RRCC offers an AAS in Paramedicine, a variety of EMT certificates, refresher courses and continuing education courses.

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Degree and Certificates

Paramedic Agreement with St. Anthony's Hospital

The RRCC paramedic program has an articulation agreement with St. Anthony’s Hospital. Students need to apply and be accepted into the St. Anthony’s program in order to do our Paramedic AAS degree: http://www.sahems.org/SHE/Courses/Paramedic-Academy/. If a student has done his/her paramedic cert at another hospital, please contact robert.vroman@rrcc.edu for other degree options.

More Information

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