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Colorado School of Mines (CSM) EPICS Course

Red Rocks Community College (RRCC) has an articulated transfer agreement with the Colorado School of Mines (CSM).   As part of this agreement RRCC students are eligible to register for the CSM class EPICS 151 (Engineering Practices Introductory Sequence) through RRCC. 

Please contact Susan Kumpf for more information:  Susan Kumpf ( 303.914.6356
or Jen Broadwater( 303.914.6254

Steps to register for EPIC 151 (Engineering Practices Introductory Course Sequence).  

On the Red Rocks Community College campus:

  1. Apply to RRCC.
  2. Complete the on-line RRCC orientation
  3. Fill out the RRCC to CSM registration form (see below).
  4. Select the section of EPIC 151 that you prefer. You can get a copy of the CSM EPIC151 classes from Susan or Jen or you may view the schedule here.
  5. Turn the form into Susan Kumpf or Jen Broadwater.  They will forward your information to CSM.
  6. CSM will create a student account, issuing you a CSM student ID number called a CWID (College Wide ID) and an E-Key (pin number).
  7. CSM will email both you and RRCC, letting us know which class you are in or if the class is full.  CSM will send RRCC your CWID which we will forward to you.  Please remember that all email will be sent to your student email account. CSM will also send you an informative email detailing how to set up your “Trailhead” portal access and your CSM email account.
  8. At RRCC, you will be register in AAA 175501 (EPIC 151), a generic class for EPICS.  Please remember that we use CSM’s drop and withdrawal dates for AAA 175501.  Also, be aware that CSM’s beginning and ending dates may not match RRCC’s.  You may go to to view CSM’s Academic Calendar.                 
  9. You will pay your tuition at RRCC.

On the Colorado School of Mines campus

  1. Pay both the technology and parking fee. Set up your parking fee before you go to pay. If you do not plan on driving to CSM you will need a parking waiver from their Parking Department.
  2. Buy the EPICS packet at the CSM bookstore.
  3. Set up both your “Trailhead” account and your CSM email.
  4. Through Trailhead, you can drop and add  a different section or withdraw from an EPIC section.  Make sure to let RRCC know if you drop or withdraw.   Remember you are enrolled at both colleges.   
  5. To drop EPICS, please contact Susan Kumpf or Jen Broadwater.

RRCC/CSM application form 
RRCC advisors can assist you in selecting other classes that are part of this agreement.

To see the full articulation and transfer agreements, click here.

For degree information, click here.

To view their schedule of classes, go to and select either the Schedule of Classes or Trailhead: