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Pathways into engineering degrees at Colorado 4-year public institutions

In a unique partnership with the Colorado School of Mines (CSM), we offer the first two years of an engineering degree with a transfer to CSM. The RRCC studies involve Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Humanities, Social and Behavior Sciences, and Communication. Upon transfer to CSM, you will focus on engineering, usually with a concentration in a particular branch (Mechanical, Chemical, Petroleum, etc.). Students may also transfer into other Colorado public institutions with engineering programs.

Note: Students finishing the Engineering Preparatory program may only be two courses from an AS degree at RRCC.

Pathway to transfer into engineering degrees

Getting started Engineering (Prep) course of study Transfer options

High School students


Adult students (coming soon)

International students

Enrollment process

Course of study/A.S. degree

Course guide for CSM transfer

Colorado School of Min

Statewide Engineering Articulation Agreements

Support for Engineering (Preparatory) students: