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RRCC has classes to fit your busy schedule starting throughout the semester…classes that
meet your elective and required course needs: onineweekendaccelerated, hybrid
self-paced, and newly designed classes based on student needs.

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Course Title CRN Instructors Start End
Accelerated Courses          
CIS 243040 Introduction to SQL 22679 Tuepker 12/9/14 12/9/14
Hybrid Courses          
SBM 113040 Writing a Business Plan 22228 Emmer R 11/18/14 12/4/14
Online Courses          
Self-Paced/Flex Courses          
BTE 108401 Ten-Key by Touch 20698 Burrus P    
ECE 111401 Infant/Toddler Theory/Practice 22391 Peterson S    
ECE 111402 Infant/Toddler Theory/Practice 22804 Peterson S    
ECE 288411 Practicum II: Early Childh Education 21847 Kneppe J    
ECE 288412 Practicum II: Early Childh Education 22396 Kneppe J    
ENG 122401 English Composition  22723 FACULTY    
ENY 231411 Solar Contracting 22789 FACULTY    
FIW 203411 Furniture III-Chair Making 22772 FACULTY    
FST 209401 Fire Protection Systems 22767 FACULTY    
HPR 215411 Phlebotomy Refresher 20979 Stoffel R    
PED 110401 Fitness Center Activity I 22094 Roppolo A    
PED 111401 Fitness Center Activity II 22095 Roppolo A    
PHI 111411 Introduction to Philosophy 22288 Edwards K    
PHI 111412 Introduction to Philosophy 22508 Edwards K    
PHI 112411 Ethics 22289 Maybe J    
PHI 112412 Ethics 22509 Maybe J    
PHI 114411 Comparative Religions 22290 Edwards K    
PHI 114412 Comparative Religions 22510 Edwards K    
PHO 161411 Digital Capture Processing I 22788 FACULTY    
Lakewood Weekend College          
FIW 276602 Metal Spinning 23105 Wilson V 11/14/14 11/23/14
HPR 102603 CPR for Professionals 21541 Clark K 11/15/14 11/15/14
COM 265601 Effective Presentations 23129 Lindstrom G 11/22/14 12/6/14
SBM 113601 Writing a Business Plan 20897 Laverty D 12/5/14 12/6/14
Arvada Weekend College          
PSY 275621 PSY of Spiritual Growth 20880 Courson R 11/14/14 11/15/14
HHP 130621 Reiki Level One 20884 Paul S 11/15/14 11/22/14
HHP 110621 Neuro-Linguistic Programming 20881 FACULTY 12/6/14 12/6/14

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U.S History Since 1945

"American history is longer, larger, more various, more beautiful, and more terrible than anything anyone has ever said about it." 

~ James A. Baldwin

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Learn to Prepare Income Tax Returns

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Spring Class that explores the history of Rock N Roll - HUM 220 

Spend the semester listening to and learning about popular music. Explore the origins and influences of various musical genres. Spend your Mondays with the legends of Rock, Rap, and Pop.

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Creative Writing Courses at RRCC, Spring 2015

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In cooperation with and taught at WarrenTech
New Precision Machining Course Offerings - Spring 2015

Get a jump start on a new career in a high demand field and earn your Manufacturing Level 1 Quality Control Certificate.
Class offerings are:

  • MAC 102 – Blueprint Reading
  • MAC 250 – Advanced Inspection Techniques
  • EGT 205 – Geometric Dimension and Tolerance.

Students are co-enrolled in all three of these classes and only attend classes two nights a week.

Other evening class offerings, for those already in the industry, include:

  • MAC 210 – Intro to Swiss Turn Operations
  • MAC 275 – Wire EDM

Contact Laura Aycock at Laura.Aycock@rrcc.edu for more information

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New Course Offerings


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