Featured Classes

RRCC has classes to fit your busy schedule starting throughout the semester…classes that meet your elective and required course needs: online, weekendacceleratedhybridself-paced, and newly designed classes based on student needs.

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Featured/Late Start Classes

GEY 127 - Oil and Gas Geology

How does oil and gas form? How does fracking work? What kind of careers are there in oil and gas? Learn more in this two-day course.

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PSY 275 Special Topic: Brain & Behavior

Are you interested in exploring brain health/function and methods to maximize it for success?

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History 203 - Civil War Era in American History

Do you know which country this flag represents? Come and discover the answer in Prof. Lawrence’s Civil War class!

American Civil War flag

Tuesdays/Thursdays, 3:00-4:15pm in Room REA 1117 (Lakewood Campus)

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Summer Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology Courses

Speech Therapy ClassWant to help people and make a good income? Begin your career at RRCC to become a Speech-Language Pathologist or Audiologist! Enroll in CMD 160 470 this summer. Then, take other CMD courses this fall!  CMD courses also count as electives for the AA and AS Degrees!                               

  • CMD 160  Introduction to Human Communication Disorders
  • CMD 260  Introduction to Phonetics
  • CMD 266  Normal Language Development
  • CMD 267  Anatomy & Physiology of the Speech & Hearing Mechanism

All of these courses can be taken online! Search online for classes here.

Summer Communication Courses

Your key to success is Communication! Enroll in a summer COM course now!

  • 2 week May classes (Interpersonal, Public Speaking)
  • 3 weekend classes (Interpersonal)
  • 2 Saturday classes (Conflict Resolution)
  • 8 or 9 week classes (Com in Health, Intercultural, Interpersonal, Public Speaking, Career Com, Conflict Resolution)

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Interested in social work? We have a new transfer agreement with Metro State University!

Register for these two classes for fall semester:
SWK 100 201:  Introduction to Social Work
Offered in Arvada beginning Fall 2015 on Thursday nights (6-8:45)
SWK 120 601: Intervention Techniques
Offered in Lakewood Fall 2015 on Friday nights and Saturdays 8/21-9/12 (excluding Labor Day weekend)

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Learn more/sign up for Change through Challenge (MAN 150 - 001)

Change through Challenge
Click here to view .pdf for Change through Challenge.

Enroll for Fall 2015 Change through Challenge class here (MAN 150-001) on the ROCK.

Click here to see the Change Through Challenge TedTalk video.