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Introducing Fine Woodworking Intensive :: Two years of craftsmanship is now available in a 9-month intensive
starting Fall 2014.

Fine Woodworking Nine Month Intensive

The nine-month woodworking intensive at Red Rock’s Fine Woodworking program is geared toward fostering fine craft skills in our students. This is project-driven with pieces selected to teach students mastery of the skills needed for traditional furniture and cabinet making. As each project progresses students will learn and hone the skills necessary to create heirloom quality furniture. Hand joinery skills are at the center of the curriculum. As the semester moves forward modern machine joinery will be taught to enrich the student’s techniques. Our philosophy is the more one understands traditional hand skills the better you can utilize modern machine tools. The class is structured to giving students time to truly become proficient in the skills needed to be a fine craftsperson. Assisting our students in reaching a mastery level of craft is our chief objective.

In addition to traditional hand and machine techniques students will have access to the advanced technology we have in our shop. Our in-shop computer lab has the latest in CAD and CAM programs to run our CNC routers and laser cutter. We also have access to a 3D printer in the engineering program here at Red Rocks. There is no limit to what you can make.

Class meeting time:  Monday-Thursday, 9 a.m. - 2 p.m.


First semester:
Tool honing
Sample Joints
Tool Box/Chest of Drawers

Semester two:
Open Project (proposed by student)

Topics will include:
Traditional hand tools
Hand joinery
Machine use
Machine joinery
Wood science
Traditional furniture construction
Bending (lamination and steam)
Marquetry and Inlay
Small furniture business and client practices
Rhinoceros 3D (CAD software)

Sign up for FIW 177 002- Intensive I for Fall (12 credits per a semester / 2 semester course)
This coursework plus one additional two credit design course can qualify you for the Fine Furniture Craftsman Certificate. Contact advisor(s) below for additional information on the certificate.

Apply now if you are a new student.

Registered in for accepted or existing students.


Contact advisors: for more information.

Required Tool List:

Chisels- 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2”, 3/4” *
Low angle Block plane **
#4 or #4 ½ smoothing plane **
Medium shoulder plane **
Carving Mallet
Coping saw
Carcass (cross cut) Saw either pull or push
Marking Knife
Marking Gauge
6” and 12” ruler
12’ tape measure
Set of engineering squares

* Chisels should be made from high quality steel. The chisels you find at the hardware store will not work for this level of crafts. Chisels form companies such as Marple, Two Cherry, Pfeil, or Hirsch are of the quality you are looking for.

 **Like chisel not all planes are created equal. We highly recommend that you look at planes from Lie-Nieslen (all of their plans are recommended), Veritas (mostly their shoulder planes), or Stanley (Stanley planes should be circa 1902-1940. Anything later will just frustrate you).  These are tools that will make or break your work so go for the good stuff. They are one of the most important investment into your craft.
If you have any questions about tools please do not hesitate to contact us.