Results That Matter

Laura Baldridge

Laura Baldridge - Johnson Financial Aid Scholarship
Laura returned to college once she was ready to embrace an education. It took a little while, but she realized that science has always been her path. She is majoring in Biology and can often be found in the Science hallway since she is busy as a teaching assistant in Bio 111 and a student taking courses. She has maintained a 4.0 GPA and will graduate fall 2013 with plans to transfer to finish a bachelor’s degree and then onto graduate school.

“I will say that Red Rocks has been an amazing place to restart my journey. The staff is incredible, and more supportive than I could ever hope. I never feel like I am just a number here. It has also been a blessing to be an openly gay student, and not feel as though I am being bullied or discriminated against. Not having to carry that weight on my shoulders has helped me be so successful. I am very grateful for all that Red Rocks has given me. It will be a bittersweet graduation, but I’m ready for all the doors Red Rocks has helped open.”

Shaun Hollstrom - Johnson Financial Aid Program Scholarship
Since high school Shaun has been working in construction, but decided he would do his body a favor and enroll in college to pursue a career. He just completed his fourth semester at Red Rocks and is working toward a degree in Water Quality Management. When he graduates next year, he plans to complete his bachelor’s at Regis University. He is a math and chemistry tutor at RRCC and an active member of PTK.

“The major contributors to my success are my wife, tutoring, and the great instruction by the dedicated teachers and staff. Red Rocks is not only a place for learning, but has become a second home for me.”

Shaun Hollstrom

Rita Erickson

Rita Erickson - Kingdom Enlightenment Scholarship
“Before I came to Red Rocks, I lead a troubled life. I had no direction and only cared about myself. The last time that I was arrested, I discovered that I was pregnant with my daughter Danika. I decided that I would change my life in order to raise her. The journey from my old life to my new life brought me to Red Rocks.”

Rita came to Red Rocks through the Gateway program where she found a community of supportive teachers and friends who encouraged her to engage in positive change. It helped her transition into the Red Rocks community and gave her the foundation to succeed in college courses. She took advantage of the many resources students have at RRCC to help them reach their educational goals such as the Children’s Day Care Center, Learning Commons, and Student Food Bank. She received scholarships through the RRCC Foundation which helped pay tuition along with her on-campus jobs to gain experience. She graduated with an Associate degree in Business Management in spring 2013 and has been accepted to Regis University to continue her education and finish her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration.

”It is my hope that my daughter Danika will never have to live the life I had to, and that she will follow in my footsteps and pursue an education to make her dreams come true.”

Robert White - Daniel’s Boundless Opportunity Scholarship
When asked what he would remember most about his time at Red Rocks, Robert White, 2013 Outstanding Graduate and Foundation Scholarship Recipient, shared three things, “The mesa, because of its peaceful vibe it brought to me every morning, The community atmosphere at the school and how it, along with the Foundation, made attending college friendly, hassle free, and affordable, and Michele Haney, RRCC President.”

Five years ago, Robert had an eighth grade education and was serving a four year sentence in community corrections. In 2009 he got his GED and a year later started at RRCC working toward a degree. Today, he has an associate degree from Red Rocks Community College. Soon he will have a bachelor’s degree from Colorado State University where he is studying computer science. He intends to continue onto a master’s degree and ultimately plans to earn a doctorate from the Colorado School of Mines.

While at Red Rocks Community College he maintained a 3.8 GPA, was a member of Phi Theta Kappa, President of the R.O.C.K. Club two years in a row- the R.O.C.K. Club is the Red Rocks Outreach Community Club on campus whose members work to give back to the community through volunteerism, and a graduate of the Gateway program.

Robert White