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Photo of the Gateway Bridge in St. Louis

Success Stories

Mike’s Story

I started making poor choices when I was young and the same mind set carried on through my young adult years. Although many of my poor decisions were compounded by alchahol abuse I always felt I had ultimate control over my actions. After being jobless for several years and finding it harder and harder to become gainfully employed.


I I reached out to the Gateway program at Red Rocks. I never thought I could go to college; I didn’t even make it through high school. I learned quickly that high school and higher education were completely different entities. Gateway at Red Rocks started me off slow and helped me get into the frame of mind that I would need to be successful in whatever I chose to do.

By completing the program and taking it slow I was not overwhelmed. I did not get discouraged and I knew that I could go to school and achieve something my family and I could be proud of. am now employed full time at Red Rocks and more possibilities are available to me.

My daughter and son now have the same opportunities’ that were possible for  me because the benefits that are offered to me through my employment at Red Rocks. All of this would never be possible if I would have never reached out and took a chance on myself and the Gateway Program at Red Rocks.

 Michael L. Mendez

"Courage, love, friendship, compassion, and empathy lift us above the simple beast and define humanity."

- The Book of Counted Sorrows