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Photo of the Gateway Bridge in St. Louis

Success Stories

Rita's Story

Phi Theta Kappa member Rita Erickson is proof that one can find success and second chances through school.  A rough childhood and series of poor choices were leading her down the wrong path, but Erickson found support and camaraderie through RRCC’s Gateway program.

She is now a hard-working student and dedicated mom, described by faculty as upbeat, enthusiastic, and very positive. Erickson said, “Building a better me and inspiring others to do the same has been my biggest accomplishment since attending school.”
Erickson is a work study in the Computer Technology Department for Christie Burton and also a Floral Designer at Albertson's.  She plans to attend Regis University for a B.S. in Business Administration and may pursue an MBA after that.  When not studying or working, Erickson enjoys time with her two-year old daughter.