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Photo of the Gateway Bridge in St. Louis

Success Stories

Janelle’s Story

I started in the right direction being a nurse. Then I was introduced to the wonderful, beautiful chaotic world of dope. All this beautiful chaos landed me in DOC .How in the world did I get here!! Thank you Jesus you just saved my life. Everything was stripped from me my children, my career, and my life. I had three in half years to reflect on where I wanted my life to go.

After three in half years of DOC education, I was told about The College Gateway Program. I thought it was worth a try considering I had my nursing license revoked. I better figure out what I want to be now that I have to grow up. I was a little nervous about making the call to Angelina but I stepped out in faith. I came into the Gateway office I and met with Angelina. I was warmly welcomed and instantly accepted. I left the interview with a great sense of hope and eager to start my new journey.


Since the beginning of this journey I have graduated from The College Gateway Program and currently work as a work study for the Gateway office. I have my 13 year old daughter back in my life, when five years ago it seemed an impossible task. I’m working towards an Associate of Arts leading to a Bachelor of Arts degree. I’m also currently studying to retake the nursing board’s exam, due to my life changes I’m currently able to reapply and have my nursing license reinstated.

I have a long road ahead of me and I am looking forward to the journey. Everything is a learning experience I learn from the good and the challenging. I couldn’t have gotten this far without the superb support of Cathy, Angelina, and Jeff.

To get through this life one has to be tough, persevere, have compassion, laugh a lot, and love always….  


"Courage, love, friendship, compassion, and empathy lift us above the simple beast and define humanity."

- The Book of Counted Sorrows