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How Smart are Your Smart Phones?
 Subject: Sociology, Political Science & Business
 Level: Freshman/Sophomore in College

How Does Genetically Modified Food Affect Our Health and Environment?
 Subject: Health and Wellness
 Level: Freshman in College

Are Your Jeans Worth It?
 Subject: Sociology and Business
 Level: Freshman in College

Can Colorado Life Zones Represent Diminishing Species in World Biomes?

 Subject: Biology and Teacher Education
 Level: College Freshman

Goals for Going Green
 Subject: Communication or Sociology
 Level: Freshman/Sophomore in College

Generation A and Bee Extinction Worldwide
 Subject: Literature (with some Geography and Biology)
 Level: Reading-12th Grade, Literature-College

Hour Without Power – Business
 Subject: Business
 Level: College Freshman

International Development Project Study
 Subject: Environmental and Water Quality Management Technology and Economics
 Level: Second Year Water Quality Students

Is Your Coffin Worth It?
 Subject: Sociology and Psychology
 Level: College Freshman

It’s All About Food
 Subject: Human Geography and/or Cultural Geography
 Level: AP High School or Freshman/Sophomore College

Messages from the Past: Mythology and Sustainability
 Subject: Humanities
 Level: College Freshman

Sustainablity in Bangladesh
 Subject: Geography
 Level: High School

The Dust Bowl: Sustainable Agriculture and Government Policy — also see Presentation #2
 Subject: U.S. History
 Level: College Sophomore

Traditional Food Systems: Sustainable or Not?
 Subject: Cultural Anthropology, Human Geography
 Level: Freshman in College


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