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Who Are We
 Subject: Spanish Language II or III
 Level: Second or third semester college spanish

Goals for Going Green
 Subject: Communication or Sociology
 Level: Freshman/Sophomore in College

Global Warming
 Subject: Science (Atmospheric Science, Astronomy, Environmental Science) and Communications
 Level: Freshman in College (Non-Science Majors)

Hour Without Power (Note: For Spanish version see Una Hora Sin Electricidad)
 Subject: English/Spanish
 Level: Freshman in College

Mediated Communication in Healthcare

 Subject: Interpersonal Communication, PA Studies
 Level: College

My Footprint
 Subject: Spanish
 Level: First or Second Semester of College Spanish

Natural Gas — Renewable or Not?
 Subject: Process Technology, Science, English
 Level: High School

Reading Food as a Sustainable Text
 Subject: English
 Level: Freshman in College

Selling Sustainability
 Subject: Spanish
 Level: Second or Third Semester College Spanish

Sustainable Cinema: Research-based Movie Reviews
 Subject: English
 Level: Freshman/Sophomore in College

Sustainability in Healthcare

 Subject: Communication (College level) and Physician Assistant Studies (Graduate Level)
 Level: College and Graduate

Sustainable Poetry: Audio Recording and Publishing Project
 Subject: English and Other Disciplines
 Level: College

Una Hora Sin Electricidad (Spanish version of Hour Without Power)
 Subject: Spanish
 Level: College Sophomore


Go Green