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HR Forms and Worker's Compensation

Adjunct Instructor Requisition Form

Admin Tech Pro Annual Leave Sharing Policy Request Form: word

Admin Tech Pro Performance Evaluation Form: word | pdf

Admin/Tech-Pro Position Description: word | pdf

Background Check: (coming soon)

Classified Appeal Dispute Form: pdf

Classified Appeal Dispute Instructions: pdf

Classified Leave Share Form: pdf

Classified Performance Planning and Evaluation Form: word | pdf

Classified PDQ: word | pdf

Employee Status Change Form: pdf

Incomplete Grade Form: word | pdf

Leave Request: word | pdf

Non-Exempt (Overtime Eligible) Monthly Timesheet: word | pdf

Official Resignation Letter: pdf

Outside Employment Request Form: pdf

Overtime Agreement Form: word

Part-Time Employment Requisition Form

Procedure Template: word | pdf

Professional Development Reimbursement Form: pdf

Administrative leave for K-12 request: pdf

Requisition for Personnel: word | pdf

RRCC Appointment: pdf

RRCC Career and Technical Education Credential
CTE Credential Forms are posted on the Instruction Services website (under Forms).

Timesheet for Biweekly Employees: pdf

Volunteer Application: pdf

Employee Verifications

For employee verifications please contact the work number at 1.800.367.5690 or  Our company code is 10881.