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Red Rocks Community College Procedure

Category: Safety and Security
Title: Firearms on Campus
Number: RRPR 19-10
Effective: November 1997
Reference:  BP 19-10

In compliance with SBCCOE policy BP 19-10 concerning firearms on campus (May 1982), Red Rocks Community College is establishing this procedure for the safety of all individuals within the campus buildings and/or on campus grounds.

No person(s) will be allowed to carry firearms, explosives, oversized knives or any dangerous "look-alike" weapon and/or any dangerous weapon that could potentially harm an individual while within the buildings or on the grounds used by and controlled by Red Rocks Community College with the following exceptions:

A. Commissioned Police Officers [CRS 18-1-901 (1)] Definitions

Federal, state and county officers in departmental uniforms will be allowed to carry firearms and/or other weapons in plain view.

B. On- of Off-Duty Peace Officers

On- or off-duty peace officers in civilian attire may carry weapons in plain view with their departmental shields visible, according to their departmental guidelines.

C. Private Individuals

While on campus attending class, private individuals, with certain stipulations and guidelines set forth by the Red Rocks Community College Campus Police and PACA Curriculum Section (F).

D. Security Guards

Security guards, either in uniform or off duty, will not be allowed to carry firearms and/or other dangerous weapons in the building or to class. They may leave weapons at the Red Rocks Community College Campus Police office for safekeeping, or they may be stored in their vehicles. However, the college will not be responsible for weapons stored in vehicles.

On-duty security guards conducting short-term business may check with the Red Rocks Community College Campus Police office to inform the officer on duty of his/her status. They may carry weapons in plain view as permitted by the agency they work for and the guidelines set forth by the Red Rocks Community College Campus Police.

E. Law Enforcement Training Academy

All personal weapons used for Academy operations/training must pass an inspection by the Academy’s armorer.

Academy students’ weapons will not be allowed on campus except at times designated by the Academy Director.

NOTE: Academy students shall, at no time, have live ammunition on campus unless designated by the Academy Director.

Academy weapons, when not in use, shall be stored in a locked, steelgun cabinet designed especially for firearms. This gun cabinet shall be locked inside a steel cage behind a secured door. These firearms shall be secured at all times by three (3) locking devices.

F. Curriculum Classes

All personal weapons used for classroom operations are prohibited, unless prior approval has been obtained from the Red Rocks Community College Campus Police Chief.

Only training firearms will be used in instructional classes. Training firearms are defined as: non-functioning firearms, i.e., barrels plugged, firing pins removed, or "dummy" weapons not designated to fire rounds.

All training weapons must be clearly marked with barrels and handles painted red or orange.

Students may utilize their personal weapons while attending armament classes.

The firing or discharging of a firearm in a classroom, college building, or in any other area on Red Rocks Community College property, for demonstration purposes, is prohibited. Persons violating this order may be subject to disciplinary action according to State Board and Red Rocks Community College Procedures, as well as to criminal prosecution under CRS 18-9-106 © (Disorderly Conduct).

Designated vacant areas within the college grounds may be used for instructional purposes such as survival training, building search tactics, etc., using training weapons, with prior notification to all departments concerned and at the discretion of the Red Rocks Community College Campus Police Chief.

STATE STATUTES: CRS 1973 (18-12-101 through 18-12-109

(Offenses Relating to Firearms and Weapons)

Any person(s) in violation of these regulations will be charged with a violation of existing criminal statutes and is subject to college disciplinary action.

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