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Red Rocks Community College Procedure

Category: Personnel
Title: Faculty Compensation Plan
Number: RRPR 3-55 Approved: May 14, 2007
Effective: May 14, 2007 Revised: April 3, 2014


RRPR 3-55 - Faculty Compensation Guidelines and Plan

BP 3-10 - Administration of Personnel

BP 3-55 - Faculty Professional Advancement and Salary Plan

Purpose: The Red Rocks Community College (RRCC) Faculty Compensation Plan aligns with CCCS Board policy, which is to promote teaching excellence. The compensation plan integrates faculty evaluation and compensation in such a manner so as to promote exceptional pedagogical practices and service to community.
Scope: This procedure applies to all regular, benefits-eligible faculty.


Base Salaries: The sum of all faculty salaries in a performance plan year, excluding vacant positions, temporary appointments, and departing faculty.

Salary Pool Increase Percentage: The percentage that faculty base salaries are funded to increase in one year, as determined by CCCS and/or RRCC.

Faculty Salary Pool: The total amount of dollars allocated by RRCC administration to Faculty salary increases. This amount is determined by multiplying Base Salaries by the Salary Pool Increase Percentage.

The RRCC Faculty Compensation Plan provides for annual compensation increases for those faculty that receive the rating of Commendable or higher as defined in SP 3-55. The Faculty Salary Pool, base-building salary increases, and non-base building salary increases adhere to those guidelines set forth in SP 3-55.

RRCC understands the inimitable value that quality faculty bring to the teaching and learning process of our students. As a result of this knowledge, the primary objectives of the Faculty Compensation Plan are as follows:

  1. Reward commendable and exemplary faculty at a level deserving of such efforts by clearly connecting rewards to performance.
  2. Retain key talent by rewarding high levels of compensation to high-performing faculty.
  3. Reduce compression issues between senior faculty and new faculty.
  4. Maintain internal equity among current faculty while ensuring external competitiveness and legal compliance.
  5. Provide for simple administration and ease of understanding for all parties involved.

The Faculty Salary Pool will be distributed as follows:

  • The raise for a faculty member who earns a rating of Commendable is 90% of the Salary Pool Increase Percentage multiplied by the faculty member’s annualized salary.

    Salary Pool Increase Percentage = 5%
    5% x .90 = 4.5%
    Faculty Member Raise = Faculty Member Annualized Salary x 4.5%

  • The raise for a faculty member who earns a rating of Exemplary is 100% of the Salary Pool Increase Percentage multiplied by the faculty member’s annualized salary. In addition, all Faculty Salary Pool dollars that are not allocated after calculating the raises for faculty with the rating of Commendable and Exemplary will be distributed as equal dollar amounts amongst faculty with a rating of Exemplary.

    Salary Pool Increase Percentage = 5%
    Faculty Member Raise = Faculty Member Annualized Salary x 5% + Remainder (in equal dollar amounts)

  • Faculty who earn a Needs Improvement rating receive no raise.

Please see the Addendum “Application of RRPR 3-55” for an example application of this plan.

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