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Red Rocks Community College Procedure

Category: Personnel
Title: Sabbatical Leave
Number: RRPR 3-62 Approved: April 2, 2007
Effective: April 4, 2007 Revised: March 20, 2007

Reference: BP 3-65 Professional Development
Purpose: Sabbatical leave is not an entitlement, nor an earned benefit, but may be granted at the discretion of the President.  Such leave is for the purpose of encouraging faculty to develop skills and abilities which will significantly benefit the students, the college and the individual.  Sabbatical leave proposals must demonstrate how the leave will support the college mission and vision and align with the strategic plan.
Scope: Regular Full-Time Faculty


When sabbaticals are available, the College will announce that it is accepting applications during fall semester.  A compensation plan for sabbatical leave will be determined when sabbaticals are available.  Individuals who qualify for sabbatical leave according to BP 3-65 must submit an application to the Personnel Office by the end of business on December 15.  All appropriate signatures must be on the form prior to submission.

After the applications are received, a Sabbatical Leave Review Committee will be formed as follows:

  1. The President, with the advice of the Vice President of Instruction, will appoint three (3) faculty members to serve on the committee. 
  2. The President will designate a Vice President who will convene the Review Committee.

The Sabbatical Leave Review Committee will review the applications of faculty members and rank them in order from strongest to weakest. 

The written proposal must stand on its own merits; however, the committee may obtain clarifying information by requesting an applicant’s attendance at the review committee’s meeting.  Any such information must be added in written form to the application before it is forwarded.

Applications and recommendations of the Sabbatical Leave Review Committee will be forwarded to the Vice President of Instruction who will recommend to the President which faculty member(s) will receive sabbatical leaves.  The President will notify, in writing, each applicant regarding the status of his or her request and shall forward the successful faculty member’s Sabbatical Plan to the State Board for Community Colleges and Occupational Education (SBCCOE) for approval at a regularly schedule meeting.  The President will notify the applicant(s) of the plan’s acceptance or denial following the SBCCOE action.  (See attached format for the Sabbatical Plan.)

Each sabbatical leave recipient will sign an agreement prepared by the Vice President of Instruction and approved by the President which will specify what will be accomplished during the sabbatical leave, a schedule of activities and objectives, regular reports, and conditions attached to the completion of the agreed-upon objectives. 

Additional compensation earned while on sabbatical leave needs prior approval by the Vice President for Instruction and the President.

Upon completion of the sabbatical, the faculty member will submit a final Sabbatical Report to the college and SBCCOE within one semester following completion of the sabbatical.  (See attached format for the Sabbatical Report.)

The SBCCOE and RRCC recognize the Sabbatical Leave Program as a benefit granted for the purpose of upgrading teaching faculty competencies in the community college system.  An employee on sabbatical leave may not hold a full-time paid position at another state system community college.  Such an employee may hold a scholarship or receive financial aid from a Colorado state system community college or any other state institution, agency or educational institution.

Faculty who fail to return to the college at the end of sabbatical leave for at least one full contract year immediately following the leave, or who fail to comply with the terms of this procedure, shall make restitution to the college of the salary paid during the leave.  Payment must be made within two (2) years.  Restitution will not be required in the case of faculty who are approved for disability benefits, faculty who are non-renewed, reduced in force, or dismissed, or in the case of the death of a faculty member while on sabbatical leave or within the first contract year after return from such leave.

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