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Red Rocks Community College Procedure

Category: Students
Title: Student Employment
Number: RRPR 4-11 Approved:  May 7, 2007
Effective: May 7, 2007 Revised: March 29, 2007


State Board Policy BP 3-10 Administration of Personnel

PERA Law C.R.S. 24-51-310 (1)(a)(I)

Colorado House Bill 91-1026

42 U.S.C. (a)(10)

IRC Section 3121 (b)(10)

Purpose: The purpose of this procedure is to formalize Red Rocks Community College’s student employment procedures and to ensure consistency in administration of RRCC’s student employment. Student employment at RRCC is a mutually beneficial opportunity intended to give students on-campus experiences that develop skills required in the workplace.
Scope: This procedure applies to all Red Rocks Community College’s student employees, including work study and student hourly.


Attachment A - RRCC website link:

Attachment B - Student Employee Referral Card (pdf)

Definitions: Student Employees – state system community college students who work at the college where they are enrolled and regularly attending classes.  Conditions of employment for students are subject to the rules of the funding source for the position they hold.

All student employees must be registered at least half-time (6 credit hours) with RRCC. Non-registered students may work during summer semester, provided they were registered with RRCC for at least half-time the previous spring semester and registered with RRCC for at least half-time for the upcoming fall semester. Summer semester student employees who are registered for less than six credit hours are required to enroll in the TIAA-CREF Supplemental Retirement Annuity.

All student employees are employed and paid based upon the level of responsibilities assigned to them. RRCC has established three levels of student employment, as described in Attachment A.

During periods of regularly scheduled classes, student employees may work up to 20 hours per week, based on availability of funds.

RRCC Student Employment Services and the Personnel Office are responsible for coordinating all student employment.

Departments wishing to employ student employees are required to submit a completed requisition form (attached) to the Office of Student Employment Services. All student employees are encouraged to apply for Financial Aid work-study awards. Requisitions are posted in Student Employment and online (, and qualified students are referred to departments. Departments may request a specific student employee to be referred.

The department representative who is responsible for supervision of a student employee interviews referred students, makes a selection for employment and directs the student with the signed referral card (attached) back to Student Employment. The selected candidate is referred to Student Employment for employment processing. Non-selected candidates are notified by the department representative and referred back to Student Employment Services for other potential referrals.

New student employees are required to complete all new-hire paperwork prior to beginning employment. New-hire paperwork begins in the Student Employment Office and continues through to the Personnel Office. Student employees who have not worked for one year or more must complete new-hire paperwork again. Continuing student employees must re-apply for student employment at the beginning of each semester.

Some student employment jobs will require a background check as a condition of employment. Background checks are facilitated through the Personnel Office.

Individual departments are responsible for the supervision of their student employee(s). A review of department procedures and expectations should be completed by the supervisor within the first day of a new student employee’s employment. A suggested orientation format is available in Student Employment Services. Department representatives should consult with the Director of Personnel or the Director of Student Employment Services for appropriate expectations of student employee responsibilities. No student employee should be responsible for the supervision of other student employees.

Performance issues should first be addressed by the supervisor in an informal manner to allow the student employee the opportunity to improve. Continued performance issues should be discussed with the Director of Student Employment or the Director of Personnel to determine the appropriate course of action.

Supervisors should make every effort to inform the student employee of the reasons for termination, prior to the actual termination date. Department supervisors who find it necessary to terminate a student employee during the semester should consult with the Director of Student Employment prior to terminating the student’s employment. The Student Employment Office will notify the Payroll Office and the Personnel Office (and Financial Aid Office, if student is Work Study) within two working days, informing them of the official termination date.


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