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Red Rocks Community College Procedure

Category: Students
Title: Appeal of Final Grades
Number: RRPR 4-32 Approved:  September 25, 2007
Effective: September 25, 2007 Revised: January 31, 2007


BP – 4-31 Student Grievances

SP – 4-31 Student Grievance Procedure

BP – 4-30 Student Discipline

Purpose: The purpose of this policy is to provide for the resolution of disputes
between a faculty member and a student regarding the student’s final
Scope: A student who has reason to believe that a faculty member made an error
in the computation of his/her final grade may use the provisions of this
policy to appeal that grade.


A student who has reason to believe that the faculty member did not apply
his/her stated grading policy to the student may appeal that grade.

Attachment: RRCC Student Grievance Procedure - available in Student Handbook

CCCOnline Grade Appeal Process

A student is any person enrolled in a Red Rocks Community College

Faculty (part-time and/or full-time instructor) is the person who assigns
the earned grade to a student.

A student who wishes to appeal a grade under either provision of this policy has fourteen (14) calendar days after the start of the next semester (or June 15 in the case of the spring semester).

  1. The first step the student must take is to notify the department chair that an appeal is in process. The student must identify the course, the section number, and the instructor. At the same time, the student must contact the faculty member involved and attempt to resolve the disputed grade. It is expected that most appeals will be resolved at this level between the student and faculty member. This step must be completed within fourteen (14) calendar days from the date the department chair was notified.

  2. If the student and the faculty member cannot successfully resolve the disputed grade, or if the student is unable to contact the faculty member, the student may ask the department chair to resolve the disputed grade. The department chair will have fourteen (14) calendar days to resolve the grade dispute to the satisfaction of both the student and the faculty member.

  3. If the department chair cannot successfully resolve the grade dispute, the student may request a meeting with the dean or associate vice president in charge of the faculty member’s area. The dean or AVP will meet with the student and then will also meet with the faculty member to discuss the disputed grade. At this time, all three parties may also schedule a joint meeting. A department chair may be asked to attend the meeting in place of the faculty member if the faculty member is no longer available. All meetings may be virtual, telephone or in person. These meetings must take place within twenty-one (21) calendar days.

  4. If the dispute is not settled to the satisfaction of both the student and the faculty member at this point, the student may appeal to the Academic Standards Committee. This appeal must be filed in writing with the Chair of the Academic Standards Committee within seven (7) calendar days of the failure of the process outlined in step 3. The student must detail the steps taken to resolve the dispute to this point, explain the reasons for the dispute, and provide any evidence at this time.

  5. The Academic Standards Committee will first determine if the situation outlined by the student falls under the scope of the Grade Appeal Policy. If the Academic Standards Committee rules that the situation does not fall under the scope of a grade appeal, the grade decision made at the previous level will stand.

  6. If the Academic Standards Committee believes that the situation does fall under the scope of the Grade Appeals Policy, then the Academic Standards Committee will meet within fourteen (14) calendar days to hear the facts of the dispute. Either party to the dispute may request an appearance before the committee, or the committee may request either party to appear before them. These appearances may be in person or virtual. All appearances and meetings must take place within twenty-one (21) calendar days of the decision by the Academic Standards Committee to hear the appeal. The Chair of the Academic Standards Committee will notify the student and the faculty member of its decision within that time period. All decisions of the Academic Standards Committee are final.

  7. Only the faculty member, department chair (only if acting on behalf of a faculty member who is no longer available) or the academic standards committee can mandate a grade change.


If the student feels that the process was not properly followed, the student may ask for the Vice President of Instruction to review the process to determine if the process was or was not followed. If the Vice President of Instruction finds that it was not, the student will have another opportunity to appeal beginning at the point that the process failed.


If an agreement cannot be reached between the CCCOnline Administrator and the student, it cannot be appealed.


All deadlines may be extended with agreement of all parties to the dispute or, in the event of extenuating circumstances, as agreed to by the Vice President of Instruction.

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