HR Forms and Worker's Compensation

HR Forms and Documents


Requisitions/Hiring Documents

Adjunct Instructor Requisition Form

Part-Time Employment Requisition Form - (Variable Hour Employees)

Student-Hourly Employee Requisition Form - (Student Hourly And Work-Study Employees)

Requisition for Personnel (.doc) - (Full-Time Employees)
Requisition for Personnel (.pdf)

Request for Volunteer Clearance Form

Volunteer Application (.pdf)

RRCC Appointment (.pdf)

RRCC Application (.pdf)

Peer Mentor Faculty Approval (.pdf)

Position Descriptions

Admin Tech Pro Position Description (.doc)
Admin Tech Pro Position Description (.pdf)

Classified Position Description (.doc)
Classified Position Description (.pdf)  

Variable Hour Position Description (.doc)

Student Employment position description (.doc)

Performance Evaluations

Admin Tech Pro Performance Evaluation Form (.doc)
Admin Tech Pro Performance Evaluation Form (.pdf)

Classified Performance Planning and Evaluation Form (.doc)
Classified Performance Planning and Evaluation Form (.pdf)

Student and Hourly Corrective Action Memo

Demographic/Status Change Forms

Employee Status Change Form (.doc)
Employee Status Change Form (.pdf)

Personnel Action Document (.pdf)

Employee Demographic Form (.doc)

Outside Employment Request Form (.pdf)

Public Records Request Form (.pdf)

Direct Deposit Enrollment/Change Form (.pdf)


Non-Exempt (Overtime Eligible) Monthly Timesheet (.doc)
Non-Exempt (Overtime Eligible) Monthly Timesheet (.pdf)

Timesheet for Biweekly Employees (.pdf)

Request For Hourly Labor During Campus Closures (.pdf)

Leave/Overtime Documents

Leave Request (.doc)
Leave Request (.pdf)

Overtime Agreement Form (.doc)

Classified Leave Share Form (.pdf)

Admin Tech Pro Annual Leave Sharing Policy Request Form (.doc)

Administrative Leave for K-12 Request (.pdf)

Classified Dispute Forms

Classified Appeal Dispute Form (.pdf)

Classified Appeal Dispute Instructions (.pdf)

Instructional Resources

Incomplete Grade Form (.doc)
Incomplete Grade Form (.pdf)

Instructor Supplementary Service Reimbursement - Adobe Form

Instructor Supplementary Service Reimbursement - Printer Friendly Manual Form

Resignation Letter Templates

Classified Resignation Letter (.pdf)

Non-Classified Resignation Letter (.pdf)


Procedure Template (.doc)
Procedure Template (.pdf)

RRCC Career and Technical Education Credential
CTE Credential Forms are posted on the Instruction Services website (under Forms).

Employment Verifications

For employment verifications please fax any queries to 303.914.6800.