IDEA Institute

Transforming the educational environment

The IDEA Institute is creating a new educational environment. Here, the learning experience is self-directed, unscripted, and relevant to the complex challenges of our times. Partnerships with industry and community organizations provide opportunities for students to apply problem-solving, design, technology, media, creativity and innovation to real world projects.

IDEA Institute Fellows

The IDEA Institute Faculty Fellows program increases faculty capacity to launch curricular innovations around learner-centered approaches. Faculty fellows experiment with new ideas to deepen learning that is relevant to 21st century challenges. See the work of the Fellows here.

IDEA Lab: Transforming the Educational Environment

The IDEA Lab is the space where faculty and students explore, innovate and create. It is participatory, and promotes peer-to-peer learning. The IDEA Lab values sustainability, doing and making, optimism, and action.

Introduction to Design and Engineering Applications (IDEA)

The IDEA class (EGT 140 Introduction to Design and Engineering Applications) is a unique and hands-on course that cultivates an understanding of the differences in engineering disciplines while working in interdisciplinary teams. The IDEA class transfers to Colorado School of Mines for EPICS I and to CU-Boulder for GEEN 1400 Engineering Projects. 

High School Innovation Challenge

The IDEA Institute collaborates with teachers and teams of high school students to design a solution for a real world challenge.  Red Rocks Community College students in the IDEA Lab will mentor and assist high school teams, both virtually and at the high schools, to create a physical artifact, as well as written and digital submissions. Final designs are presented at the IDEA Expo.

Diversifying the STEM Innovation Pipeline

Diversifying the Innovative Workforce The IDEA Institute diversifies the innovation workforce by engaging community college students, often low-income, first-generation and/or veterans, in STEM. Through guided pathways, research and internships, and mentoring, the IDEA Institute enhances persistence of students along STEM pathways into transfer programs or the workforce.