People in the IDEA Lab

Jeremy Beard, IDEA Lab Lead Academic
Jeremy graduated from Colorado School of Mines in 2004 with a degree in Civil Engineering and worked for 10 years in water/wastewater design. He is currently working on a Master of Science degree in Environmental Engineering at Colorado School of Mines. When Jeremy is not mentoring students in the IDEA Lab he teaches the IDEA course (EGT 140). In his free time Jeremy is busy training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, kickboxing and Pokemon catching.

Jeremy can be reached at

Joshua Burmeister, IDEA Lab Manager
Josh completed a master's degree in Mechanical Engineering at Colorado School of Mines. At Mines he worked as an adjunct instructor and taught Intro to Mechanical Engineering and Intro to Robotics. In the IDEA Lab, Josh runs the new build space, works on Arduino projects, and will be teaching RRCC's robotics class (EGG 106) in the fall of 2017.

Josh can be reached at

Shelby Ryan, Lead Technician Assistant
Shelby is planning on transferring to Colorado School of Mines for mechanical engineering. He knows a little bit about everything in the lab, if you ever need help with a tool or machine just ask. Specializing in 3D Modeling, operating the CNC Laser/Router, and Arduino projects. On his free time, he plays billiards and Frisbee golf. If you want to see something funny, ask him about his YouTube channel. 

Christopher Biringer, Programmer Assistant
Christopher is currently a student working on an Associates of Science. His goal is to one day obtain a bachelor's degree in engineering physics with the hopes of being a part of the workforce that moves the modern world toward a more responsible and respectful civilization. He also enjoys researching and discussing fringe scientific topics. Christopher may or may not have jumped off the stratosphere and lived to tell the tale.  

Jasmine Coleman, Multimedia and Marketing Assistant
Originally from Lincoln, NE. Jasmine been living in Colorado for the past 2.5 years, and in love with it since day one! She will be starting at Red Rocks Community College this upcoming Fall to study Professional Photography. She also enjoys exploring the lovely outdoors, watching movies, practicing yoga, and cooking. Last year, she did her first solo two week backpacking trip on the Colorado Trail, and plan on finishing the trail next Summer!

Forrest Havermann, 3D Printing Assistant
Forrest is currently studying mechanical engineering and hoping to transfer to Mines to complete his degree. He loves making small gadgets, so learned how to utilize 3D modeling and printing to do this and can help you with it too. He also likes to do PC gaming, movies and making things.

David Hodgman, Shop Assistant
Originally from Minnesota, he has flourished in RRCC's engineering transfer program. Currently, he is pursuing Civil Engineering with intentions of transferring to the Colorado School of Mines in the near future. In his free time, he enjoys to hike 14ers, drink coffee, read and complete jigsaw puzzles.

Cory Kennedy, Data Lab Assistant
Cory will be transferring to Colorado School of Mines in the Spring of 2018, where he plans to study Electrical Engineering. In the IDEA Lab, he acts as the Data Lab liaison. He can help you create a digital archive and use version-control software to make the most of your project. When Cory isn't studying or learning computer science, he can be found in the Colorado wilderness.

Suzy Juarez, Social Media Assistant
This is Suzy's first year at Red Rocks. She grew up in New Jersey and Colorado, and this past May graduated from Green Mountain High School. She's studying business Marketing and Communications, and plans to transfer to CU Boulder Leeds School of Business to receive her Bachelors. She loves to sing, hike, and spend time with her family. She looks forward to sharing the projects, and events from the IDEA Lab via Social Media. 

Katie Scherf, CAD Assistant
Katie is beginning at Red Rocks to study nursing. In her free time she likes to draw on SolidWorks and relax with her family. She hopes to transfer to DU and get a degree in nursing so she can go to work at Children's Hospital. 

Josh Teter, Tool and Maintenance Assistant
Meet Josh Teter, like a teeter totter, but without the extra e. He enjoys all kinds of metalworking, hence why he is attending Red Rocks for the Precision Machining program. Eventually, he would love to pursue a 4-year degree in Metallurgy and Materials Engineering, but wants to see what the Machining program can do for his professional career and personal advancements. He enjoys welding as a hobby, also loves to read, and is an avid motorcycle rider.

Liz Cox, Director of IDEA Institute
Liz has been creating programs for students to engage in STEM, sustainable development, study abroad, research, and internships for over 20 years. She's passionate about mentoring, guiding and coaching students into purposeful experiences that have a deep impact on the world. When not advocating for students, she enjoys biking, hiking and learning about birds.