IDEA Institute Programs

Student Innovation Fellows

Innovation Fellows are current Red Rocks Community College students who are inspired and motivated to advocate for change in the classroom, the campus, and the world beyond. Fellows participate in design workshops, organize events, and engage in projects. Applications are being accepted for Spring 2018 semester (coming soon).  Fellows can apply for mini-grants to launch projects.

What the Fellows do: 

Participate in Innovation Workshops

Cohorts of fellows participate in workshops to learn skills in design-thinking, project management, fundraising, and grant writing. They bring these skills to inspire, motivate, and enable teams of students to tackle problems on campus or in the community.

Organize Events

The Fellows organize films, speakers, and other events to bring design, creativity, innovation and problem-solving to Red Rocks Community College.

Engage in Projects

Fellows will apply skills developed in Innovation Workshops to work on projects on campus or in the community through UPLIFT (Uniting People in Learning and Ingenuity to Flourish and Thrive). Fellows will recruit teams of students to work on campus and/or community-based problems. 

IDEA Institute Faculty Fellows Program 

The IDEA Institute Faculty Fellows Program seeks to increase faculty capacity to integrate interdisciplinary project-based learning into their curricular and co-curricular activities. During the 2017-2018 academic year, faculty from math, English, multimedia, and engineering will collaborate to develop and pilot authentic experiences for students through the IDEA Lab.

Meet the Faculty Fellows:

Sara Fall, English
The RRCC TWIST Lab is short for Technical Writing and Innovative StoryTelling. We aim to foster student-driven collaborations and interdisciplinary curiosity between designers and communicators to support invention and imagination in and out of the college classroom. Our first objective is to promote excellence in technical writing and communication by providing experiences that reflect industry partnerships between technical writers and scientists, engineers, inventors, makers, and designers of all sorts, and by composing industry-standard clear and concise instruction for use and safety for a wide range of IDEA Lab tools and processes. Our second objective is to promote interdisciplinary curiosity and play between makers and writers that will expand storytelling genres and possibilities by researching new storytelling technologies that appeal to a wide variety of senses (multi-modal composition) to make writing both more accessible and more exciting for diverse community members on the Red Rocks campus. 

Adam Forland, Mathematics
In collaboration with the IDEA Lab, Adam will work with students to create the RRCC Data Lab whose mission is to tackle real world data problems within a multidisciplinary community.  The goal of the RRCC Data Lab is to give Red Rocks students an opportunity to participate in research through student-led projects which will include all aspects of data analytics such as data collection, data laws, model creation, computation and presentation.  Each project has a semester goal and a moonshot goal. All the projects will have some element of presentation each semester, with our ultimate goal of publishing some results.

Projects can be explored through the github site:

Jeremy Beard, Engineering

In 2017-2018 Jeremy will pilot an Innovation Design Challenge with three local high schools: Green Mountain, Warren Tech, and Summit Academy. Working with high school teachers, Jeremy will engage IDEA Lab students to mentor high school teams on a real world design challenge. Top teams will present in Spring 2018 at the IDEA Expo on the Red Rocks Community College campus.

Design Challenge with teachers