Homestays and Housing


Students who live with American families have furnished rooms in a family home with local telephone and television (and often internet), use of laundry facilities, and two meals provided daily for an average of $650 per month. It may also be possible to do your own grocery shopping and cooking. Students usually share family activities unless they prefer extra privacy. It is an excellent opportunity to learn American traditions and culture and to practice your English.

Families who participate in our Homestay program are visited and their homes inspected to ensure a clean and healthy environment for students. Background checks are conducted to be certain of family members' good citizenship.

Questions about pets, smoking, children, religious practices, eating habits, and other topics are considered for the benefit of all students.

Please contact us if you would like to arrange a homestay.

Apartments and Rooms for Rent

Students have the option of renting an apartment near the college. Staff in the International Education Office will provide assistance to students who are looking for an apartment nearby. Some apartments are within walking distance of the college. Others will require a bus or car ride.

There are many buses for students who do not plan to own a car. The Number 17 bus stops at the Red Rocks campus approximately every 30 minutes.

Click here for a list of apartments close to Red Rocks.


Some students will wish to live with a roommate in an apartment or house. Often, you can find a fellow college student with which to share the rent. Living with a roommate can be a good way to save on rent, and living with an American student can help to improve your language skills and knowledge of American culture. The Office of Student Life at Red Rocks provides a list for students interested in this option. The cost to share an apartment begins at approximately $350+ per month per roommate.