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RRCC Law Enforcement student experiences

David D. Robinson
Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army

“I selected Red Rocks because its reputation is outstanding. My experiences with the staff and school administratively were excellent from my initial inquiries. They care about your education and are thorough in helping make the process to entry smooth.

I have been extremely impressed by the program. The tactical pistol and marksmanship training was better than I experienced across a 22 year career in the U.S. Army.

The driving and defensive tactics curriculum was outstanding as well. Red Rocks does an exceptional job of getting top-notch professionals from law enforcement agencies across the metro help us network.

We have senior police leaders, district attorneys and other law enforcement professionals that are subject matter experts teaching and mentoring us.

I am considering several opportunities with metropolitan area sheriff offices as well as a senior level position with the State of Colorado. I am confident, based in large part to the exposures Red Rocks has afforded me, that I will have the selection of many opportunities in law enforcement.

David D. Robinson

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Fall 2013 Law Enforcement Academy
Fall 2013 Law Enforcement Academy

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