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RRCC Law Enforcement student experiences

Kelsey Harter
City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks Ranger

“I was hired to be a Ranger for the City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks in August 2013, two weeks before I started the law enforcement academy started at Red Rocks Community College. At that point I hadn't ever considered going through police academy, and I had no idea what I was getting into. All I knew was what my coworkers had told me about their experiences going through academy at Red Rocks.

Some told me about their favorite instructors, some talked about their favorite skills days, but all of them had great memories to share, even my supervisor who had gone through the academy at Red Rocks 15 years prior. Throughout my experience at academy I found myself creating great memories of my own. I couldn't believe how many excellent instructors came in to teach for us, instructors who have been coming back for years to continually support the Red Rocks Law Enforcement Academy.

Instructors who had taught many of my coworkers and who had made such an impression on them that they still remembered them years later. Many of our skills were taught by Colorado State Troopers at the State Patrol Academy, and I found all of this instruction to be absolutely fantastic. The firearms instructors were also better than I could have ever expected. I have the utmost respect for everyone that I interacted with throughout my academy at Red Rocks Community College and I will never forget my experience.”

Kelsey Harter

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Fall 2013 Law Enforcement Academy
Fall 2013 Law Enforcement Academy

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