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Students in the Learning Commons

Frequently Asked Questions

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Tutoring Questions

How can I find out when walk-in tutoring is available?
The tutoring schedule is posted outside the Learning Commons or check the online schedules here:

What's the difference between Walk-in Tutoring and One-to-One Tutoring?
Walk-in tutoring is available to any Red Rocks student while each semester is in session.
One-to-one tutoring is available to vocational students having difficulty with their classes and to transfer majors whose grades fall below 'C' in select subject areas. To request a One-to-One tutor or more information, click here.

How much does tutoring cost?
Tutoring is FREE to Red Rocks students.

How can I become a tutor?
Pick up an application from Ruth Wengrovius in room 1266 in the Lakewood Learning Commons or download the Prospective Tutor Form (pdf), fill it out and return it to either the Lakewood or Arvada Learning Commons.

Computer Questions

Are the Learning Commons computers available for everyone to use?
Yes, all the computers in the Learning Commons are open for use to all RRCC students and staff. Be sure to sign-in on one of the three computers inside the main entrance.

What computer hardware is available?
In the Learning Commons we have 36 computers available for use. Printing is free, but limited to 10 pages per day. No color printers are available in the Learning Commons.

Please note: Learning Commons computers utilize only flash drives and writable CDs - no floppys or zip disks!

What computer software is available?
We have a variety of programs to aid you in your academic goals. Programs such as Microsoft Office, Computerized Tutorials, World Wide Web Schedules and Catalogs, FASFA applications, RRCC Online Registration, and much more! Windows XP operating system is used on all Learning Commons computers.

Writing Center

Is the Writing Center just for students taking English classes?
No, the writing tutors are available to work individually with students in any subject area to improve their writing skills, offering them strategies and resources for succeeding in any kind of writing assignment.

Can essays be submitted online to the Writing Center?
Yes! The Online Writing Center (OWC) enables students to get help with their writing at The OWC provides links to information about writing and grammar,
and students may submit papers and questions for feedback from tutors.

Is the Writing Center available at both campuses?
Yes! Arvada students contact Gina Jimenez at 303.914.6030. Lakewood students contact Johanna Carter at 303.914.6321.

GED Questions

When can I take the free pre-test?
The pre-test is given on a walk-in basis while the semester is in session.

Where do I take the official GED test?
The GED is given at Warren Tech, located just up the street from Red Rocks.
For more information, please call: 303.982.8633 or visit the GED website at