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Students in the Learning Commons

Welcome to the Learning Commons

The Learning Commons is a welcoming place where students can meet with a tutor, study group, or their instructor. The Learning Commons is equipped with state-of-the-art computer technology available for your use.

Is the Learning Commons the same as the RRCC Library?

Though we are housed in the same building area, and we often collaborate with one another, the Learning Commons is not to be confused with the Marvin Buckels (Campus) Library which is located on the second floor above us. Both the Learning Commons and Library are located at the east end of the Lakewood Campus. See our services below...

The Writing Center has moved to a new location

It is now in the northeast corner of the library.

At a glance

  • Academic Achievement
    Classes and services to help you succeed at RRCC

  • College Prep Zone
    The College Prep Zone offers tutoring for students taking college prep classes. If you are taking ENG, MAT and/or REA 030, 060, or 090, this is the place for you.
  • Connect to Success
    Offers navigation and success strategies to reach academic, career and personal goals.
  • ESL/Foreign Language Lab
    Resources for English as a Second Language students and Foreign Language Students

  • GED
    Free GED pre-tests are available in English and Spanish
  • International Education
    Provides college preparatory English classes for international and resident students for whom English is not a primary language. Also provides academic and cultural advising for a diverse student population, and specific immigration advising for International students.

  • Office of Disability Services
    Provides advocacy, assessment, direction, learning skills and school-to-employment transitioning for people with disabilities (including learning disabled).

  • Walk-in or Online Writing Center
    Offers strategies and resources for succeeding in any kind of writing assignment, including essays, term papers, and essay exams. Tutors available at both campus and assignments can also be submitted online.

  • Tutoring
    Walk-in tutoring in math, writing, sciences, accounting, and other courses is free for Red Rocks students.