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Medical Imaging Education Department

CT and MRI Courses

The Medical Imaging Education Department at RRCC is now offering courses for ARRT certified radiographers in the advanced fields of radiology.

Click below on the prefixes of the courses used for this program to view the course descriptions. This will bring you to the online course description section of our catalog:

RTE - Radiologic Technology

Courses include the following:

Principles of Computed Tomography (RTE 240) This 3 credit online course explores the history, physical principles and instrumentation involved in Computed Tomography (CT). CT image creation, processing and display are examined from data acquisition through post-processing and archiving. Patient factors and other related elements affecting image quality are explained, as well artifact production and reduction. Radiation protection practices and quality control are also explored.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (RTE 260) This 3 credit online course provides an in-depth study of the physics and instrumentation, clinical applications, and quality control process involved in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).

Enrollment in these courses is open to any medical imaging professional who is currently registered by the ARRT. These courses may be taken by themselves, or combined with Multiplanar Sectional Imaging (RTE 255) and Advanced Clinical (RTE 284) to earn a certificate of completion in the specific field.

For more information regarding these courses and certificates, or to register for these classes, please call the program office at 303.914.6034 or e-mail:


Applicants Please Note
It is necessary for applicants to first apply to Red Rocks Community College using the online application. RRCC must also have official copies of your transcripts.

Check this website frequently for updates. Admission to any of the Medical Imaging Programs is highly competitive. Please review the application process links on the left for each program to determine your eligibility, as well as the dates for applying.