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Technical Standards

Technical Standards are adopted by some health career programs to aid in the assurance that students will be able to complete the program successfully. In keeping with our accreditation standard of a curriculum that reflects assessment of affective, cognitive, and psychomotor domains, the Red Rocks Community College Medical Imaging Program has adopted the following technical standards. These standards apply to all candidates for admission and to all students at all times during training.

  1. The candidate must be able to use vision, hearing and somatic senses to accurately observe all teaching methods in both the classroom and the clinical setting. The candidate must be able to use these senses to accurately observe patients in the clinical setting also.
  2. The candidate must be able to communicate effectively with patients, preceptors, faculty members and other members of the health care team. Therefore, the candidate must be able to communicate accurately and clearly in spoken and written formats, and must be able to use speech, hearing, reading, and writing to effectively elicit patient histories, record data and interpret data related to patient care in the classroom and the clinical setting.
  3. The candidate must have sufficient motor and tactile skills to elicit information from patients and provide the services requested. The candidate must be able to physically perform the standard technical and patient care activities required.
  4. The candidate must have sufficient intellectual, conceptual, reasoning and problem-solving abilities, and the critical thinking skills to assimilate and integrate information in the classroom and the clinical setting.
  5. The candidate must have the capacity and willingness to develop sound clinical and personal judgment, mature professional relationships, and the ability to tolerate physically and emotionally stressful situations and circumstances Candidates must have and maintain a sufficient degree of physical and mental health to provide effective, compassionate and safe health care, and must be able to respond appropriately and effectively in emergency situations.
  6. The candidate must have the capacity and willingness to recognize limitations of their skill, legal authority and authorization, and must be willing to seek appropriate supervision and direction.
  7. The candidate must be able to develop and demonstrate ethical behaviors with respect to co-workers, preceptors, faculty members, patients, the families of patients and other stakeholders in healthcare training and delivery.

Reasonable accommodation for the Technical Standards may be requested:

Otherwise qualified candidates may formally request assistance in compliance with the technical standards.

  1. Reasonable accommodation in the Technical Standards is not the same as reasonable accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act, as reviewed in the College's Student Manual 2002.
  2. Whether a requested accommodation is reasonable must be determined by the Director on an individual basis, in consultation with the involved student, appropriate College officials and other persons with direct standing in the request.
  3. Notwithstanding any other provisions of the Admissions Policies and Procedures Manual, no candidate who by clear and convincing evidence is unable or unwilling to comply with the published Technical Standards, and for whom reasonable accommodation cannot be provided, shall be admitted as a student to the Program.

A candidate who is denied reasonable accommodation for apparent inability to comply with Technical Standards or a candidate who believes that a Program determination that he or she does not comply with such Standards is incorrect may appeal in accordance with the provisions of the Admissions Policies and Procedures Manual.


Applicants Please Note
It is necessary for applicants to first apply to Red Rocks Community College using the online application. RRCC must also have official copies of your transcripts.

Check this website frequently for updates. Admission to any of the Medical Imaging Programs is highly competitive. Please review the application process links on the left for each program to determine your eligibility, as well as the dates for applying.