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June 11, 2009

RRCC Receives NSF Grant for $850K to Sustain a Green Collar Workforce

LAKEWOOD, CO – The National Science Foundation’s (NSF) Advanced Technological Education Program has awarded a grant to Red Rocks Community College (RRCC) in response to a proposal submitted by the college, “Sustaining a Green Collar Workforce: An Interdisciplinary Approach.” The award has been approved as a continuing grant for a period of three years, totaling $850,000.


The grant project has two primary objectives, the first being to expand the preparation of the workforce for careers in renewable energy, and second, to develop sustainability curriculum that will be integrated throughout career and general education courses. RRCC will work closely with multiple industry and education partners that include the Colorado School of Mines, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Jefferson County Schools, Jefferson County Workforce Center, and the National Science Foundation’s Center for the National Advanced Technology, Environmental and Energy, in Bettendorf Iowa, to expand industry-aligned curriculum that prepares students for career opportunities in energy and environmental technology.


As energy utilization, energy sustainability, and environmental impact are priority issues in every industry sector, the grant project will provide opportunities for teachers of grades 9-14 to develop energy and environmental sustainability teaching strategies known as Interdisciplinary Lively Application Projects. New “ERG” laboratory exhibits will promote student engagement with renewable energy technologies. Community events are planned to promote a broad understanding of renewable energy production and environmental sustainability to include the “ERG” laboratory exhibits.


Colleen Jorgensen, RRCC’s Vice President of Instruction, will act as the Principal Investigator, with Dr. Joe Beach, Assistant Research Professor, Colorado School of Mines, and Rick Reeves, RRCC’s Instructional Dean, acting as co-principal investigators. For more information on this program, please contact Colleen Jorgensen, 303-914-6402.


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