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Consolidated Mutual Water Co. donates mainline to RRCC
New $25,000 mainline expansion to improve RRCC water quality and WQM instruction

LAKEWOOD, CO -- Red Rocks Community College will have better water quality and service due to the generous donation of a $25,000 water mainline by Consolidated Mutual Water Company. The water quality management department will also be able to provide more thorough instruction thanks to this expansion of RRCC's existing water system.

The main line's power tap and stub-in were completed in July, and the mainline itself was installed in October. This provided a great educational opportunity for the WQM students who observed the installation as part of the department's WAVE (Water and Wastewater Applied Vocational Education) Combined Distribution and Collection System I-IV course. These students gained valuable on-the-job knowledge in their field through Red Rocks' hands-on approach to learning.

Additionally, the mainline expansion provides the required fire protection for the Environmental Training Center's (ETC) future expansion, as well as eliminating the previous dead end in the system at the ETC. Because the new mainline goes from Arbutus Dr. to the ETC, water within the system will circulate more easily.

"The project directly benefits everyone on campus, said Mike Smith, department chair of the water quality management program. By looping the water main service here on campus, better water quality can be expected because of sustained circulation, while consistent water pressure can be achieved, adding to the campus’s fire protection with multiple feed points."

The new addition to the Environmental Training Center will be a valuable resource for the environmental and water quality programs at RRCC, providing plenty of hands-on work space for distribution students. In July, the below-ground water and electrical supply lines were under construction in preparation for above-ground building. Features of the new addition are to include a fully pressurized, above-ground piping array and a specially constructed above-ground vault with interior piping and a fully functional leak detection field.

"We have already prepared the instruction equipment, such as A and B Chlorine tank repair kits, SCBA, and fall protection and retrieval equipment. We are extremely excited about this effort," Smith said.

The WQM 109 Water Distribution course will benefit directly from these new hands-on training opportunities. Once the system is fully tested and working, the course credit hours will be raised from three to four, allowing for water quality management students to have 15 contact hours with the exceptional teaching distribution lab and the distribution system training community model.

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More about the water quality management and WAVE programs: The WQM program is part of the Environmental Training Center at Red Rocks Community College and provides comprehensive instruction in all levels and operations of the water and wastewater industries. The ETC, as part of the Department of Environmental Technology, offers courses leading to associate of applied science degrees as well as further education for currently working WQM professionals. For further information, including course descriptions and schedules, please see The Wastewater and Water Applied Vocational Education program is a one-week program which makes the WQM coursework available in a short yet incredibly comprehensive refresher or update for those already in the field needing Training Units. WAVE can also be completed as a fast-track introduction for those seeking a stable, rewarding career but are unable to attend the full WQM program. For additional info as well as course descriptions and a detailed schedule, please visit


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