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June 29, 2012


RRCC solidifies the alliance with Jordan’s Al Huson University College
of the Al-Baqa Community College System


LAKEWOOD, CO – Red Rocks Community College’s Rocky Mountain Education Center hosted Al-Balqa’ Applied University/Al-Huson University College (HUC) administrators on May 31 to discuss the expansion of work force programs to include Solar Energy, Safety, Health and Environment, and Water Quality Management programs and to cement the association between Red Rocks and Al-Huson University College.

Jordanian visitors Eklaif Tarawneh, HUC vice-president; Rebhi Damseh, HUC dean; and Dr. Ayman Maqableh, HUC’s green energy project coordinator met RRCC leadership and local government officials. Lakewood’s mayor Bob Murphy, Arvada’s mayor Marc Williams, and Lakewood’s city manager Kathy Hodgson met RRCC’s guests over lunch and learned more about the schools’ partnership. HUC’s plans for new degrees in addition to the Solar Energy Technology program to include occupational health and safety, and the planning for a new degree in water quality management was   presented by faculty from RRCC and HUC as part of the luncheon. The two colleges are united in educating American and Middle Eastern students in growing fields like solar technology, and occupational health & safety. They produce a workforce skilled in decreasing dependency on non-renewable energy sources, cleaning and maintaining the water supply, and sustaining a safe and healthy work environment.

HUC’s solar energy tech associate degree (SET), modeled after RRCC’s innovative green curriculum, teaches efficient, responsible, energy collection and use. Its upcoming first class of graduates will reduce the Kingdom of Jordan’s dependence on foreign fuel for electricity generation. RRCC’s program, one of just a few in the U.S., produces knowledgeable specialists certified in areas from photovoltaic solar energy collection to using solar energy for heat.

Troy Wanek, RRCC’s renewable energy department lead, recently visited HUC’s campus to construct a learning laboratory for the Jordanian solar training program from locally sourced materials.

“Jordan is now offering incentives for the production of solar energy due to the increasing cost of energy importation,” Wanek says. “This is the first program of its kind in Jordan. Program graduates will be skilled technicians, managers, and engineers ready to meet the country’s currently growing demand for local energy production. HUC’s solar tech graduates will let Jordan become less dependent on externally sourced energy,” he explained.

The overall cost of importing energy to meet Jordan’s electricity needs is 20 percent of their GDP and 95 percent of the power used in the country is not locally produced. HUC graduates holding associate degrees in Solar Energy Technology (SET) will work to change this.

Jordan’s government declared in 2007 that seven percent of all electricity consumed in the nation would be locally generated from renewable sources by 2015, and 10 percent by 2020. The SET alumni will work toward their homeland’s goal of eventually generating 600 megawatts of solar energy per year.

More about Al-Huson University College: Established in 1981 as part of Jordan's Ministry of Education's second project and a part of Al-Balqa Applied University Colleges since 1997, HUC offers associate, bachelor, and master's degrees in several engineering and technical fields including their new joint program with RRCC in solar energy technology. The college is a leading institution in building partnerships with industry in Jordan and abroad.

More about Red Rocks Community College: RRCC offers associate of arts degrees in photovoltaic solar technology, thermal solar technology, and many other fields. A longtime leader in a multitude of areas including renewable energy technology education, the college delivers high-quality, affordable education leading to a two-year associate degree or a professional certificate. RRCC serves over 15,000 students per year at two campuses in Lakewood and Arvada. Learn more at


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Jordanian Visit
Staff and faculty of RRCC and HUC met with Lakewood and Arvada officials to share the partnering schools’ success in creating new jobs for Jordan’s youth.