Red Rocks Community College News Release


Meet R2C2 — The new Red Rocks mascot!

In Fall 2012 the student government at Red Rocks Community College formed an ongoing student feedback committee. When the committee started gathering suggestions from students, they found a recurring request for a school mascot. After some research, the officers of student government discovered that RRCC previously had a mascot in the 90s--Remo the Red Fox--who had been discontinued. The committee decided a mascot would bring a sense of camaraderie to the students on campus and began the process of reviving it. They learned that Remo was most likely named after some remodeling that took place in the 90s, and decided that this mascot should have a new name. Student government gathered ideas over a two week period and had an official student vote. Other suggested names were Roxy, Rango, Rocky, Watson, Loki, Rocket, Red, and Copper. After a very close race, R2C2 was born. On November 29, 2012 R2C2 became a student of RRCC and an honorary member of both Student Government and PTK.

He plans on making his first appearance at the Spring 2013 Pancake Breakfast to help welcome students back from Winter break. Open to all, FREE PANCAKES in the Great Hall, January 29 from11am - 1pm.

Look for R2C2 at other school events such as orientations, graduations, and rugby events!


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