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Literary Magazine Class (ENG 231)

ENG 231 Literary Magazine
3 credits

Obscura is produced by RRCC students in the Literary Magazine course (ENG 231) offered each spring by the English Department. The course teaches the editorial process involved in preparing a literary magazine for publication. Literary Magazine covers selecting publishable material (fiction, nonfiction, poetry, visual art), as well as production processes such as design, layout, and publicity.

Each class member works independently and collectively on multiple tasks, from soliciting manuscripts and artwork to distributing the finished product. The main objective of the course is for the staff to produce an attractive, well-edited magazine by the production deadline.

The course needs layout gurus, tech-savvy designers, editors, and publicity kings and queens. Students of all interests and disciplines are welcome—especially students with creative writing, art, or InDesign experience. For more information, contact Elyse Marsh,