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Online: You don't need to come to campus

Online courses provide Red Rock’s students with the opportunity to take classes from home. Students log in to a dedicated server and ask questions of their teachers, share information with fellow students, and complete reading assignments, homework, and tests.


Self-Paced/Flex: Design your own schedule

Working with an instructor, you’ll design your own schedule. Self-paced courses provide a great amount of flexibility and the opportunity to study when you have the most time to study.


Hybrid: Part online, part in the classroom

Often called the “best of both worlds,” hybrid/flex courses are a mix of methodologies. Often students spend part of their time in the classroom and part of their time online. In other courses, time may be spent in a lab and working from home.


Accelerated: Compress your class time

When your schedule doesn’t permit a 15-week class, try one of our accelerated classes. From 10 weeks, to 1 weekend, you’ll find a variety of classes to meet your scheduling needs. Be sure to check-out Weekend College classes for other accelerated options.


Weekend College: Weekends only

Need to go to school only on weekends? Check out our course listing of the variety classes available beginning Fridays at 5:00 pm through Sunday. Most weekend classes are also accelerated.


Learning Communities: Link two related courses into one

Learning Communities are two courses blended into one longer one. It is a convenient and interesting approach where objectives from two areas are blended to compliment one another. Learning Communities are not always offered each semester.


CCCOnline: Can't find a RRCC class that fits your needs, try CCCOnline

Colorado Community Colleges Online (CCCOnline) provides community colleges throughout the state the ability to offer a wide range of online classes to their students. If you don’t find what you need on campus, check out

Traditional: Participate with others traditionally in a classroom

Traditional classes give the student a chance to participate in lectures and discussions. It provides the student an opportunity to develop relationships with fellow students and instructors. Want a list of our latest courses? Check our schedule.

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Course Title CRN Instructors Start End
Accelerated Courses          
MOT 120040 Medical Office Financial Management 21998 Tillapaugh P 10/15/14 12/3/14
Hybrid Courses          
MOT 120040 Medical Office Financial Management 21998 Tillapaugh P 10/15/14 12/3/14
HPR 115640 Gerontology for Care Providers 23008 FACULTY 10/18/14 11/8/14
SBM 112040 Financing a Small Business 22227 Cassaday J 11/4/14 11/13/14
NUA 105240 Home Health Aide Theory 23011 FACULTY 11/10/14 12/8/14
HHP 213640 Spiritual Care 23007 Wilder E 11/11/14 12/9/14
HPR 156240 Introduction to Hospice Nursing 23009 FACULTY 11/11/14 12/9/14
SBM 113040 Writing a Business Plan 22228 Emmer R 11/18/14 12/4/14
Online Courses          
Self-Paced/Flex Courses          
BTE 108401 Ten-Key by Touch 20698 Burrus P    
ECE 111401 Infant/Toddler Theory/Practice 22391 Peterson S    
ECE 111402 Infant/Toddler Theory/Practice 22804 Peterson S    
ECE 288411 Practicum II: Early Childh Education 21847 Kneppe J    
ECE 288412 Practicum II: Early Childh Education 22396 Kneppe J    
ENG 122401 English Composition  22723 FACULTY    
ENY 231411 Solar Contracting 22789 FACULTY    
FIW 203411 Furniture III-Chair Making 22772 FACULTY    
FST 209401 Fire Protection Systems 22767 FACULTY    
HPR 215411 Phlebotomy Refresher 20979 Stoffel R    
PED 110401 Fitness Center Activity I 22094 Roppolo A    
PED 111401 Fitness Center Activity II 22095 Roppolo A    
PHI 111411 Introduction to Philosophy 22288 Edwards K    
PHI 111412 Introduction to Philosophy 22508 Edwards K    
PHI 112411 Ethics 22289 Mabey J    
PHI 112412 Ethics 22509 Mabey J    
PHI 114411 Comparative Religions 22290 Edwards K    
PHI 114412 Comparative Religions 22510 Edwards K    
PHO 161411 Digital Capture Processing I 22788 FACULTY    
Lakewood Weekend College          
FIW 277602 Wooden Handplane Making 23266 Gillespie S 10/17/14 10/25/14
PSY 101601 General Psychology I 21537 Garland C 10/17/14 11/1/14
PSY 276601  Assertiveness Training 21777 Courson R 10/17/14 10/18/14
SBM 110601  Managing a Small Business 20895 Warren T 10/17/14 10/18/14
CAR 125601 Roofing Materials and Methods 21784 Nelson D 10/18/14 10/19/14
COM 263601 Conflict Resolution 21517 Merritts E 10/18/14 10/25/14
HWE 100601 Human Nutrition 20868 DeBell L 10/18/14 11/1/14
MAN 117601 Time Management 20869 Levine K 10/24/14 10/25/14
EIC 124602 Electrical Safety Requirements 21812 Thatcher R 10/25/14 11/1/14
COM 126601 Communication in Healthcare 23386 Rutt D 10/25/14 11/9/14
HVA 113602 Refrigerant Recovery Training 20899 Oldani H 10/25/14 11/1/14
MUS 120602  Music Appreciation: 22088 Studinger B 10/31/14 11/15/14
COM 125602 Interpersonal Communication 21729 Dewald S 11/1/14 11/16/14
PLU 108601  Soldering and Brazing Skill 22516 Cerovski M 11/1/14 11/1/14
ENY 132601 NABCEP Entry Level Prep Class 22152 FACULTY 11/7/14 12/5/14
GEO 105601  World Regional Geography 21261 Rahtz D 11/7/14 11/22/14
HIS 247601   20th Century World History 21260 Donalson 11/7/14 11/22/14
PSY 249601  Abnormal Psycholo 22118 Kelly K 11/7/14 11/22/14
SBM 112601  Financing a Small Business 20896 Campbell J 11/7/14 11/8/14
SOC 220601 Sociology of Religion: 22248 Stableiln S 11/7/14 11/22/14
GEY 125601 Plate Tectonics 22570 Peavey N 11/8/14 11/9/14
FIW 126601 French Polish 22321 Nelson R 11/9/14 11/15/14
FIW 276602 Metal Spinning 23105 Wilson V 11/14/14 11/23/14
HPR 102603 CPR for Professionals 21541 Clark K 11/15/14 11/15/14
COM 265601 Effective Presentations 23129 Lindstrom G 11/22/14 12/6/14
SBM 113601 Writing a Business Plan 20897 Laverty D 12/5/14 12/6/14
  First Aid and Adult CPR 22185 Moriarty C 10/11/18 10/11/18
Arvada Weekend College          
SOC 101621 Introduction to Sociology I 20903 Yabar M 10/17/14 11/1/14
HHP 169621 Introduction to Healing Hands and Feet 20905 Thompson H 10/18/14 10/25/14
HPR 115640 Gerontology for Care Providers 23008 FACULTY 10/18/14 11/8/14
HHP 269621  Healing Presence 20891 Anselme L 11/1/14 11/8/14
PHI 123621 Native American Religion 20875 Briel J 11/7/14 11/22/14
SOC 102621  Introduction to Sociology II 22503 FACULTY 11/7/14 11/22/14
HHP 213640 Spiritual Care 23007 Wilder E 11/11/14 12/9/14
PSY 275621 PSY of Spiritual Growth 20880 Courson R 11/14/14 11/15/14
HHP 130621 Reiki Level One 20884 Paul S 11/15/14 11/22/14
HHP 110621 Neuro-Linguistic Programming 20881 FACULTY 12/6/14 12/6/14


The following program areas have extensive online course offerings:

CCCOnline Courses

Computer Information Systems

  • Web Development and Design
  • PC Applications Specialist
  • Multimedia Software Developer
  • Computer Support Technician

Criminal Justice

Early Childhood Education

  • Group Leader Certificate
  • Preschool Group Leader Certificate
  • Infant/Toddler Group Leader Certificate

Fire Science Technology

  • Online Fire Officer I Certificate
  • Online Fire Officer II Certificate
  • Online Fire Officer III Certificate

Online Fire Science Management

General Education Guaranteed Transfer Courses
Red Rocks has established transfer agreements with 4-year state universities. Most of these courses are available online. Visit Transfer Information, for more details.