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About Online Learning

Although online learning is a convenient and flexible way to take courses and work toward a degree, it may not be suited to all students' learning styles or needs. The eLearning staff strongly recommends that you learn more about what is required in an online course. You may talk with an advisor, an online faculty member, or even a student who has experienced an online course. You may want to take a moment to take a short quiz to find out if online learning fits your circumstances, learning style, and lifestyle.

At Red Rocks Community College we offer a variety of online opportunities. We have classes that are totally online, offered through RRCC Online and CCCOnline. We have hybrid classes that combine classroom time with online time, and in many of our on-campus courses, teachers take advantage of technology in a variety of ways. See the descriptions below for more information.

RRCC Online

  • Courses follow the standard Red Rocks Community College semester calendar.
  • Textbooks are generally the same as for on-campus sections and are available at the RRCC bookstore or can be purchased online. A few classes require that students also purchase a supplemental CD.
  • All of your classes are accessed using through Desire2Learn. You can login here at
  • Your username is your student ID (S#) and your password is your self-selected PIN from the registration system. If you did not register online, your default PIN is your birthday (MMDDYY).
  • First-time online students are encouraged to attend the new student orientation event held at the beginning of each semester at the Lakewood Campus.
  • RRCC Online courses have a "470" section number, hybrid courses have "040" as a section number.



  • CCCOnline is a system-wide program with students and instructors participating from all thirteen CCCS colleges.
  • Each student must choose a home school, and all earned credits are reflected on the home school transcript.
  • Courses are available in 15-week and 10-week formats. The CCCOnline semester calendar may vary from the Red Rocks calendar.
  • Textbooks are usually different than the ones used for RRCC classes. They are available through the RRCC bookstore and the CCCOnline website.
  • Access classes at Your user name is your Student Identification Number and your password is your RRCC PIN.
  • All students are responsible for logging in within the first few days of class.
  • Books and materials are additional fees for some courses. Tuition is paid to the home school.
  • Section numbers for CCCOnline courses start with a "C" such as C11 for Session 1 or C21 for Session 2.


Hybrid Courses

Hybrid courses are a combination of online and classroom instruction. Classes are designed for a curriculum that can be offered partially online, but are difficult to learn completely online. In-class instruction is held at Red Rocks (Lakewood or Arvada campuses) during the week or weekend. Hybrid courses have a "040" section number for weekday classes; "640" for weekend classes; and "240" for Arvada Campus hybrid classes.


Alternative Delivery

Red Rocks Community College offers other distance learning and scheduling alternatives. Click on the links below for more information.

Weekend College


Technology Requirements

The minimum computer requirements for accessing online courses:*

  • Connection to the Internet
  • Internet Service Provider (ISP)
  • Firefox 3.0 or higher is the recommended browser, Internet Explorer (I.E.) is supported but performance is reduced.
  • Javascript must be enabled on all browsers
  • Email Account
  • Software applications as directed by faculty.

*If you do not have Internet access at home or work, there are Internet computers in the Learning and Resource Center at both the Lakewood and Arvada campuses.)


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